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Recent News

  • General Record Schedules available in CSV format
  • Release of General Records Schedule 6.1: Email Managed under a Capstone Approach (GRS Transmittal 25)
    • See more information on managing emails here
  • AC 37. 2015 announces Subject Matter Experts Needed in Drafting a GRS for Security Records
  • Corrections to GRS Transmittal 24. See AC 35.2015 and AC 36.2015
  • AC 34.2015 announces the release of GRS Transmittal 24! For superseded, no longer in use versions of GRS Transmittals, please see previous transmittals below.
  • Please see AC 31.2105: Conflict between GRS 1.1 and FAR.
  • December GRS Revision Monthly Status Reports

Contact the GRS Team

  • Is the GRS lacking an item you think should be there?
  • Is something there that shouldn't be?
  • Are you having difficulty interpreting an item?
  • Please contact us:

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