Electronic Records Archives (ERA)

Scheduling Records eLearning Class

Purpose of Course:

To learn how to enter and manage Records Schedules in the ERA environment.


This class is designed for those users who enter and manage records schedules in the ERA environment - Records Schedulers, Records Schedulers (NARA), Records Appraisers (All levels), and Certifying Officials.

*View ERA eLearning Intended Audience and Role Definitions for Federal Agencies for further Role clarification.

Method of Instruction:

Two Lessons composed of Overviews, Demonstrations, and Guided Practices appropriate.

  • Overview: gain knowledge about various ERA functions and basic navigation.
  • Demonstration: watch as a user enters information and performs specific records scheduling tasks.
  • Guided Practice: ERA operation is simulated as the learner enters data for records scheduling tasks without being prompted by the e-Learning.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to create a Records Schedule
  • Become familiar with creating Records Schedule Items
  • Learn how to save a Records Schedule

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