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Quarterly Compilation of Periodical Literature:
Gerald Ford Presidential Library

  1. "First Dogs: The Presidents’ Best Friends". Smithsonian 28, no.3 (June 1997): 62-67.
    GHWB Library/GRF Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RR Library

  2. "School House to White House: The Education of Presidents". Prologue 39, no.1 (Spring 2007): 34-43.
    Online version
    DDE Library/FDR Library/GHWB Library/GRF Library/HH Library/HST Library/JC Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RR Library/WJC Library

  3. Anderson, A. Heath. "A Reluctant Heir - Carl Albert, Watergate, and the American Presidency". Chronicles of Oklahoma 85, no.3 (Fall 2007): 260-279.
    GRF Library

  4. Arbelbide, C. L. "Abrupt Transition". Prologue 32, no.4 (Winter 2000): 214-229.
    Online version
    RG059/RG111/GRF Library/HST Library/JFK Library/RMN Library

  5. Auel, Lisa B. "Prologue Portfolio: Tokens and Treasures: Gifts to Twelve Presidents". Prologue 28, no.2 (Summer 1996): 152-161.
    DDE Library/FDR Library/GRF Library/HH Library/HST Library/JC Library/LBJ Library/GHWB Library/RMN Library

  6. Best, James J. "Who Talked to the President When?: A Study of Lyndon B. Johnson". Political Science Quarterly 103, no.3 (Fall 1988): 531-545.
    GRF Library/JC Library/LBJ Library

  7. Bogard, Solomon. "Gerald Ford and Tokyo Rose". Pen and Quill 36, no.3 (May-June 2003): 45-48.
    GRF Library

  8. Borrelli, Maryanne. "Competing Conceptions of the First Ladyship: Public Responses to Betty Ford’s 60 Minutes Interview". Presidential Studies Quarterly 31, no.3 (September 2001): 397-417.
    GRF Library

  9. Bredhoff, Stacey. "DRAW! Political Cartoons from Left to Right". Prologue 23, no.1 (Spring 1991): 86-91.
    RG065/DDE Library/FDR Library/GRF Library/HST Library/LBJ Library

  10. Burr, William and Jeffrey Kimball. "Nixon’s Secret Nuclear Alert: Vietnam War Diplomacy and the Joint Chiefs of Staff Readiness Test, October 1969". Cold War History 3, no.2 (January 2003): 113-156.
    RG059/GRF Library/RMN Library

  11. Deroche, Andrew J. "Standing Firm for Principles: Jimmy Carter and Zimbabwe". Diplomatic History 23, no.4 (Fall 1999): 657-685.
    GRF Library/JC Library/LBJ Library/RMN Library

  12. Deslippe, Dennis A. "'Do Whites Have Rights?': White Detroit Policemen and 'Reverse Discrimination' Protests in the 1970s". Journal of American History 91, no.3 (December 2004): 932-960.
    GRF Library

  13. Eckes, Alfred E. "Trading American Interests". Foreign Affairs 71, no.4 (Fall 1992): 135-154.
    DDE Library/GRF Library/HST Library/JC Library/LBJ Library

  14. Felkenes, George T. "Domestic Tranquility: President Ford’s Policy Positions on Criminal Justice Issues". Presidential Studies Quarterly 13, no.3 (Summer 1993): 519-532.
    GRF Library

  15. Fried, Ellen. "Found at the Presidential Libraries: Dr. Seuss, Air Force One, and the San Diego Chicken". Prologue 35, no.4 (Winter 2003): 6-11.
    Online version
    RG208/DDE Library/FDR Library/GHWB Library/GRF Library/HH Library/HST Library/JC Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RMN Library/RR Library

  16. Fried, Ellen. "Just between You and Me: Children’s Letters to Presidents". Prologue 36, no.1 (Spring 2004): 6-11.
    Online version
    RG084/DDE Library/GRF Library/HST Library/RMN Library

  17. Geselbracht, Raymond and Timothy Walch. "The Presidential Libraries Act after 50 Years". Prologue 37, no.2 (Summer 2005): 48-53.
    Online version
    DDE Library/FDR Library/GHWB Library/GRF Library/GWB Library/HH Library/JC Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RR Library/WJC Library

  18. Gray, William Glenn. "Floating the System: Germany, the United States, and the Breakdown of Bretton Woods, 1969-1973". Diplomatic History 31, no.2 (April 2007): 295-323.
    RG059/GRF Library

  19. Greenwell, Regina. "The Oral History Collections of the Presidential Libraries". Journal of American History 84, no.2 (September 1997): 596-603.
    DDE Library/FDR Library/GHWB Library/GRF Library/HH Library/HST Library/JC Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RR Library/RMN Library

  20. Hanhimaki, Jussi M. "'They Can Write It in Swahili': Kissinger, the Soviets, and the Helsinki Accords, 1973-75". Journal of Transatlantic Studies 1, no.1 (Spring 2003): 37-58.
    RMN Library/GRF Library

  21. Hanhimaki, Jussi M. "Global Visions and Parochial Politics: The Persistent Dilemma of the 'American Century'". Diplomatic History 27, no.4 (September 2003): 423-447.
    GRF Library

  22. Hanhimaki, Jussi. "Selling the 'Decent Interval': Kissinger, Triangular Diplomacy, and the End of the Vietnam War, 1971-73". Diplomacy and Statecraft 14, no.1 (March 2003): 159-194.
    GRF Library/RMN Library

  23. Harmon, Mark D. "The 1976 UK-IMF Crisis: The Markets, the Americans, and the IMF". Contemporary British History 11, no.3 (Autumn 1997): 1-17.
    GRF Library

  24. Hoff-Wilson, Joan. "'Nixingerism,' NATO, and Detente". Diplomatic History 13, no.4 (Fall 1989): 501-525.
    GRF Library/RMN Library

  25. Hult, Karen M. and Kathryn Dunn Tenpas. "The Office of the Staff Secretary". Presidential Studies Quarterly 31, no.2 (June 2001): 262-280.
    GRF Library/JC Library/RMN Library

  26. Jespersen, T. Christopher. "Kissinger, Ford, and Congress: The Very Bitter End in Vietnam". Pacific Historical Review 71, no.3 (August 2002): 439-473.
    GRF Library

  27. Jespersen, T. Christopher. "The Bitter End and the Lost Chance in Vietnam: Congress, the Ford Administration, and the Battle over Vietnam, 1975-1976". Diplomatic History 24, no.2 (Spring 2000): 265-293.
    GRF Library

  28. Johns, Andrew L. "A Voice from the Wilderness: Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War, 1964-1966". Presidential Studies Quarterly 29, no.2 (June 1999): 317-335.
    DDE Library/LBJ Library/GRF Library

  29. Johnson, Robert David. "The Unintended Consequences of Congressional Reform: The Clark and Tunney Amendments and U.S. Policy toward Angola". Diplomatic History 27, no.2 (April 2003): 215-243.
    RG059/GRF Library

  30. Kirk, Elise K. "Music at the White House: Lyrical Images of America". Prologue 22, no.3 (Fall 1990): 239-251.
    RG042/GRF Library/JC Library/JFK Library/RMN Library

  31. Kitts, Kenneth. "Commission Politics and National Security: Gerald Ford’s Response to the CIA Controversy of 1975". Presidential Studies Quarterly 26, no.4 (Fall 1996): 1081-1098.
    GRF Library

  32. Kleiman, Miriam. "A Place in the Archives". Prologue 41, no.4 (Winter 2009): 32-37.
    RMN Library/GRF Library

  33. Kochavi, Noam. "Insights Abandoned, Flexibility Lost: Kissinger, Soviet Jewish Emigration, and the Demise of Detente". Diplomatic History 29, no.3 (June 2005): 503-530.
    RG059/GRF Library/RMN Library/NARA photos

  34. Kotlowski, Dean J. "Alcatraz, Wounded Knee, and Beyond: The Nixon and Ford Administrations Respond to Native American Protest". Pacific Historical Review 72, no.2 (May 2003): 201-227.
    GHWB Library/GRF Library/JC Library/RMN Library

  35. Kotlowski, Dean J. "From Backlash to Bingo: Ronald Reagan and Federal Indian Policy". Pacific Historical Review 77, no.4 (November 2008): 617-652.
    GRF Library/JC Library/RR Library

  36. Kotlowski, Dean J. "Nixon’s Southern Strategy Revisited". Journal of Policy History 10, no.2 (1998): 207-238.
    DDE Library/GRF Library/RMN Library

  37. Kotlowski, Dean J. "Richard Nixon and the Origins of Affirmative Action". Historian 60, no.3 (Spring 1998): 523-541.
    RG174/RG207/DDE Library/GRF Library/RMN Library

  38. Kotlowski, Dean J. "The Knowles Affair: Nixon’s Self-Inflicted Wound". Presidential Studies Quarterly 30, no.3 (September 2000): 443-463.
    GRF Library/HH Library/RMN Library

  39. Kotlowski, Dean J. "Unhappily Yoked? Hugh Scott and Richard Nixon". Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 125, no.3 (July 2001): 233-266.
    DDE Library/GRF Library/LBJ Library/RMN Library

  40. Kurin, Richard and Marjorie Hunt. "In the Service of the Presidency: Workers’ Culture at the White House". Prologue 28, no.4 (Winter 1996): 270-277.
    GRF Library

  41. Louis, William Roger. "The Dissolution of the British Empire in the Era of Vietnam". American Historical Review 107, no.1 (February 2002): 1-25.
    Online version
    GRF Library

  42. Loverd, Richard A. "Presidential Decision Making during the 1975 New York City Financial Crisis: A Conceptual Analysis". Presidential Studies Quarterly 21, no.2 (Spring 1991): 251-267.
    GRF Library

  43. Lynn, Katalin Kadar. "The Return of the Crown of St. Stephen and Its Subsequent Impact on the Carter Administration". East European Quarterly 34, no.2 (Summer 2000): 181.
    GRF Library/HST Library/JC Library

  44. MacDonald, Maureen. "Looking Back on the Twentieth Century: 1976-1999 in Photographs". Prologue 31, no.4 (Winter 1999): 274-289.
    RG306/GHWB Library/GRF Library/JC Library/RR Library

  45. McAndrews, Lawrence J. "Missing the Bus: Gerald Ford and School Desegregation". Presidential Studies Quarterly 27, no.4 (Fall 1997): 791-804.
    GRF Library

  46. Mentrey-Monschau, Cecile. "The Mayaguez Incident as an Epilogue to the Vietnam War and Its Reflection of the Post-Vietnam Political Equilibrium in Southeast Asia". Cold War History 5, no.3 (August 2005): 337-367.
    RG263/RG273/GRF Library

  47. Minchin, Timothy J. "Making Best Use of the New Laws: The NAACP and the Fight for Civil Rights in the South, 1965-1975". Journal of Southern History 74, no.3 (August 2008): 669-702.
    GRF Library

  48. Moran, Andrew D. "Gerald R. Ford and the 1975 Tax Cut". Presidential Studies Quarterly 26, no.3 (Summer 1996): 738-754.
    GRF Library

  49. Nelson, W. Dale. "Company in Waiting: The Presidents & Their Guests at Camp David". Prologue 28, no.3 (Fall 1996): 222-231.
    DDE Library/FDR Library/GHWB Library/GRF Library/HST Library/JC Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RR Library/RMN Library

  50. Neushul, Peter and Zuoyoue Wang. "Between the Devil and the Deep Sea: C.K. Tseng, Mariculture, and the Politics of Science in Modern China". Isis 91, no.1 (March 2000): 59-88.
    GRF Library

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    GRF Library

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    GRF Library

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    LBJ Library/GRF Library

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    GRF Library

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    DDE Library/FDR Library/GHWB Library/GRF Library/HH Library/HST Library/JC Library/JFK Library/RR Library/WJC Library/RMN Library

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    RG046/RG056/RG102/RG208/RG306/DDE Library/GRF Library

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    GRF Library

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    GRF Library/JC Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RMN Library

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    Online version
    GRF Library

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    GRF Library

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    GRF Library

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    GRF Library

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    RG059/RMN Library/GRF Library

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    GRF Library

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    GRF Library

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    GRF Library/JC Library/RMN Library

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    GRF Library/JC Library

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    GRF Library

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    GRF Library

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    FDR Library/GRF Library/RR Library

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    GRF Library/RMN Library

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    GRF Library

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    GRF Library/JC Library

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    DDE Library/LBJ Library/GRF Library

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    RG059/GRF Library

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    RG269/HST Library/DDE Library/LBJ Library/GRF Library/JC Library/GHWB Library/WJC Library

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    FDR Library/GRF Library

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    GRF Library

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    GRF Library/JC Library

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    GRF Library/JC Library/RMN Library

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    RG055/GRF Library/JC Library/RMN Library

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    RG434/GRF Library

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    RG059/RG079/RG174/RG469/GRF Library

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    GRF Library/JC Library

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    RMN Library/GRF Library/NARA photos

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    GRF Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RMN Library

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