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Bush Administration Transition Interviews

These interviews discuss the organization of White House staff during the George H. W. Bush administration.  They also discuss the transition from the Ronald Reagan administration to the Bush administration and the transition from the Bush administration to the William J. Clinton administration.

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Courtesy of Bush Presidential Library and Museum, D. Brady (1951 - )
Deputy Assistant to the Vice President 1988-89; Deputy Counsel to President Ronald Reagan, 1989; Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Cabinet Affairs, 1989-91; General Counsel, Department of Transportation and Assistant to the President and Staff Secretary, 1991-93, Bush Administration.

Courtesy of Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Naylor Cope (1956 - )
Special Assistant to the President and Associate Director of Presidential Personnel, 1991-93, Bush Administration.

W. Henson Moore (1939 - )
Served as one of three American commissioners for the Panama Canal Consultative Commission; 1987-1988; Deputy Secretary, Department of Energy; 1989-1992; Deputy Chief of Staff to President George H. W. Bush 1992-1993, Bush Administration.

Roman Popadiuk (1950 - )
Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan and Deputy Press Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Reagan administration; 1988-1989, and Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Press Secretary to President George H.W. Bush 1989-1993; Bush Administration.

Charles G. (Chase) Untermeyer (1946 - )
Served as Executive Assistant to Vice President George H. W. Bush, 1981; Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy to Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 1983-1988; Personnel Director, Bush Transition Team, 1988; Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Personnel, 1989-1991; Director, Voice of America, 1991, Bush Administration.

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