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Medical Registry System (MRS)

Submitting Electronic Orders for Inpatient and Outpatient Records Stored at NPRC that are Indexed on MRS

ATTENTION: The VA Austin Information Technology Center (VA-AITC), which currently hosts the National Archives and Records Administration/National Personnel Records Center’s (NARA/NPRC) legacy Medical Registry System (MRS) will soon be discontinuing all web services for the MRS application.  As such, NARA/NPRC will no longer add new users to the MRS Web application.  Existing MRS Web users will continue to have access until the VA discontinues the application.  NARA/NPRC is working with the Defense Health Information Management System Office (DHIMS) to implement a replacement for the legacy MRS application, however, it will be some time before the new system and process is in place.

In the interim, MTFs and other authorized requestors can continue to submit DD Form 877 (Request for Medical/Dental Records or Information) paper requests for medical records.

Note:  The discontinuation of the MRS Web applications does not affect the portions of MRS used by the MTFs to retire inactive medical records to NARA/NPRC.  The MRS functions used for records retirement are currently available.  NARA/NPRC is also working with DHIMS on the migration/replacement of this functionality and will provide further updates as they become available.


The Medical Registry System (MRS) is an electronic system at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis that facilitates the retirement and retrieval of Inpatient (to include fetal monitor strips and extended ambulatory records) and Outpatient records.

Record orders for Inpatient and Outpatient records may now be submitted electronically for those records retired since 2003 to the National Personnel Records Center's Medical Registry System (MRS). The steps to register for and to use the MRS are summarized below:

  1. Registration.  Authorized Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) users may query MRS to see if desired records have been retired to NPRC and/or submit record orders to retrieve them.  If you are tasked with record query or record ordering duties, you must register for access to the MRS.  Print, complete and mail VA Form 9957,
    ACRS Time Sharing Request Form, in accordance with the instructions.

    (Important Note: You must re-register if your initial registration was sent before May 2004 because security measures have deactivated dormant accounts.)

  2. Customer ID.
    Registered users will receive a Customer ID by return mail.  Users will create a unique password during the first MRS logon session. See step 3. Your password must be changed every 90 days to keep your account active. Accounts are suspended after 120 days of non-use and inactive accounts are deleted after 180 days. Logon periodically to keep Customer IDs updated and active.

  3. Logon Sessions.

    • Log on to you Web browser. Access the MRS website by typing:
      (Note: The "http" is followed by an "s" - https)

    • If the system acknowledges that your access is from a .mil or .gov domain, the blue Medical Records Registry System logon screen appears.  Type your Customer ID into the blank labeled "Customer ID." Press the Tab key. If this is your initial logon, you will need to establish a password.  Detailed instructions for creating a password are included in the User Guide referenced in step 4.

    • If the system is unable to approve your access attempt and denies entry to the MRS application, you will correctly receive an "access denied" message. When you receive this message, the system then uses a special routine to determine if you are an authorized user.  If you are, the system sets up access for you.  Log out after the error message and wait at least 30 minutes before accessing the system for the second logon.  Establish your password during the MRS logon.  Detailed instructions are included in the User Guide specified in step 4.

  4. User Guide.
    Complete instructions for logging on, submitting queries and ordering records are provided in Chapter 5 of the Medical Record Tracking, Retirement and Retrieval (MRTR2) User Guide. That User Guide may be found at the websites listed below:

    Air Force:
    Navy:  Click on the Medical Record Tracking, Retirement and Retrieval Training link.

  5. Records Available for Electronic Record Ordering. Only Inpatient (to include Fetal Monitoring Strips and Extended Ambulatory Records) and Outpatient records retired since 2003 that are indexed on the MRS may be ordered electronically.  [Inpatient and Outpatient records retired via manually prepared Standard Forms 135, Records Transmittal and Receipt, are not eligible for electronic ordering.  Prior methods of requesting records from manually indexed (non-MRS) collections remain in effect.]

  6. Help Desk. Contact the Help Desk if you have problems accessing the MRS. The Help Desk is located at the VA's Austin Automation Center and may be reached at 512-326-6780, TDD: 512-326-6638, or by e-mail at

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