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5th Grade

Meeting Needs and Wants (Economics)

Student assignment:

In an essay or presentation, you will:

  1. explain the ways two societies meet their needs and wants (their economic systems),
  2. explain how laws, values, and customs may influence each society's economic system,
  3. compare and contrast the economic systems of two societies, explaining similarities and differences, and
  4. present a position or thesis on how societies meet their needs and wants that is:
    • well-organized,
    • well-supported, and
    • responsive to an essential question about how people meet their needs and wants.

Primary source documents from "Our Documents, 100 Milestone Source Documents from the National Archives and Records Administration," relating to this Classroom Based Assessment [CBA]:

Important notes for using this section:

  • Following each sub-topic is a list representing specific documents that are believed to best illustrate a topic. Each document is linked to an interactive digital copy of the record itself, complete with description, background information and teaching suggestions, from the "Our Documents" web site The transcribed copy is for your convenience and for students having difficulty reading handwriting. All pages can be easily downloaded and/or printed. Just click on the document title and it will take you to the specific "Our Documents" page.

Sample Primary Source Documents Related to Economic Systems and Laws:

Associated Washington State Standards {EALR}

  • Economics 2.2.1a - Recognize that economies distribute and exchange goods and services in different ways depending on laws, values, and customs.
  • Social Studies Skills 3.1.2d - Investigate cause and effect relationships and their impact on people, environments, and economic systems.
  • Social Studies Skills 1.1.1d - Locate particular facts in social studies documents, identify the main idea.


EALR Scoring
(*for additional levels, see OSPI Scoring Rubric)
Economics 2.2.1a *at highest level... Explains at least two clear and accurate examples of a method each society used to meet their needs and wants and supports each explanation with specific information (at least four examples total).
Clearly and accurately explains how laws, values, and/or customs may influence each society's economic system with three or more examples (at least one example each).
Social Studies Skills 3.1.2d *at highest level... Accurately compares and contrasts two societies' economic systems with at least three significant similarities and differences (at least one similarity and one difference)
Social Studies Skills 1.1.1d *at highest level... List of resources thoroughly examines six or more sources

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