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One of the central goals of Online Public Access is to let the staff and the public search multiple National Archives resources at once. Currently, researchers perform separate searches for electronic records in Access to Archival Databases (AAD), archival descriptions or catalog records in the Archival Research Catalog (ARC), authority files in ARC, and web pages. The new system illustrates a streamlined search experience for our users.

Similar types of hits are grouped together in the search results. For example, online copies of archival records from the catalog that are available for viewing and download appear in the first “Online Holdings” grouping. This includes results from both AAD and ARC. Catalog records with no online copy currently available appear in the “Description Only” grouping. Web pages from NARA’s main website, appear in the “” grouping. Organizational histories and biographies appear in the “NARA’s Authority Files” grouping.

For example, a search on ‘Manitowoc Wisconsin’ returns results from AAD, the catalog, authority files, and Give it a try by clicking on the following link.

See the search on ‘Manitowoc Wisconsin’ in Online Public Access.

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