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What is Included in this Search?

Online Public Access (OPA) searches all of the data from the Archival Research Catalog, selected electronic records from Access to Archival Databases (AAD) and the Electronic Records Archives (ERA), and all of the web pages on OPA also performs a full text search of many of the digital copies or electronic records themselves.

Online Catalog (OPA)

OPA searches all of the catalog records and authority files from NARA's online catalog. The catalog records, also known as archival descriptions, provide information about our records; some also provide links to digital copies of the records, so you can view and download them online. The authority files include organization names and administrative histories as well as person names and biographies.

Access to Archival Databases (AAD)

Only the following seven series from AAD are currently full text searched in OPA:

  • Log of Intelligence Reports About Seized Grenadan Records, 11/22/1983 - 2/7/1985
  • Records About Military Goods and Services Provided to Foreign Countries, ca. 10/1/1950 - 9/30/2004
  • National Register of Scientific and Technical Personnel Files, 1954 - 1970
  • Records About Defense Spending and Receipts in Foreign Countries, 3/5/1968 - 9/30/1985
  • Records of Deceased, Wounded, Ill, or Injured Army Personnel, Including Dependents and Civilian Employees, 1/1/1961 - 12/1981
  • Central Foreign Policy Files, 7/1/1973 - 12/31/1976 [excluding the files containing the 1976 Telegrams, Withdrawal Cards, P-Reel Index, and P-Reel Index Withdrawal Cards]
  • Records of Prime Contracts Awarded by the Military Services and Agencies, 7/1/1975 - 9/30/2003

Electronic Records Archives (ERA)

OPA full text searches nearly one million electronic records in ERA from the series "County Business Patterns." The 1970-1973 file units within this series, which contain a total of 18 data files and 5 documentation files, include 950,719 electronic records.

All of the web pages from our website are searched in OPA. contains a wealth of information about our holdings and topics of interest. Some types of results that you may retrieve on a search include online exhibits relating to a particular topic, pages from the Guide to Federal Records online, finding aids, and more.

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