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This guide is arranged geographically by state and thereunder contains a listing of tribes and bands living within that state’s borders. Under each entry for a tribe or band is a list of the BIA offices which had a jurisdictional relationship with that tribe, and for which the National Archives holds records. The NARA facility which has records for that office is listed in parentheses next to the entry. We have provided direct links into NARA's Online Catalog whenever possible for each of these agencies, office, and/or superintendencies. For each, the Online Catalog has tallied the number of descriptions and series available. Note, the Online Catalog may include multiple derivations of the agencies, offices, and superintendies name.

It has been impossible to include the name of every subagency and special agency. The most significant omissions are the agencies and subagencies established during the early years of a superintendency, when agents were moved about without permanent assignments to a particular tribe or locality.


Tribe(s)/Band(s): Sac and Fox

Records from BIA Agencies, Field Offices, and Superintendencies:
1895- 1947Tama Agency (National Archives at Chicago)
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