Researching American Indians and Alaska Natives

Five Civilized Tribes
Dawes Enrollment Categories and Abbreviations


  • Cherokees
  • Choctaws
  • Chickasaws
  • Creeks
  • Seminoles
  • Delaware
  • Mississippi Choctaws

Categories and Abbreviations

  • Adopted (A)
  • Citizens by blood (BB)
  • Citizens by marriage (IM)
  • Denied/doubtful (D)
  • Freedmen* (F)
  • Freedmen* Denied/doubtful (FD)
  • Freedmen* Rejected (FR)
  • Intermarried White (IW)
  • Minors by blood (M)
  • Minor Freedmen (FM)
  • Newborns by blood (NB)
  • Newborn Freedmen (FNB)
  • Rejected (R)

*African Americans formerly enslaved by tribal members

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