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Quarterly Compilation of Periodical Literature:
Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

  1. "Americans in Paris: NARA Exhibit Highlights History Made by Diplomats, Soldiers, Authors". Prologue 37, no.2 (Summer 2005): 42-47.
    RG066/RG204/JFK Library/JC Library

  2. "Camp David". Prologue 40, no.4 (Winter 2008): 28-33.
    HST Library/DDE Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/JC Library/RR Library/GHWB Library/WJC Library

  3. "School House to White House: The Education of Presidents". Prologue 39, no.1 (Spring 2007): 34-43.
    Online version
    DDE Library/FDR Library/GHWB Library/GRF Library/HH Library/HST Library/JC Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RR Library/WJC Library

  4. Arbelbide, C. L. "By George, IT IS Washington's Birthday!" Prologue 36, no.4 (Winter 2004): 30-37.
    Online version
    RG111/RG148/JC Library/RMN Library

  5. Aronoff, Yael S. "In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion: The Political Conversion of Jimmy Carter". Political Science Quarterly 121, no.3 (Fall 2006): 425-449.
    JC Library

  6. Auel, Lisa B. "Prologue Portfolio: Tokens and Treasures: Gifts to Twelve Presidents". Prologue 28, no.2 (Summer 1996): 152-161.
    DDE Library/FDR Library/GRF Library/HH Library/HST Library/JC Library/LBJ Library/GHWB Library/RMN Library

  7. Best, James J. "Who Talked to the President When?: A Study of Lyndon B. Johnson". Political Science Quarterly 103, no.3 (Fall 1988): 531-545.
    GRF Library/JC Library/LBJ Library

  8. Blackmun, Harry A. "The First Amendment and Its Religion Clauses: Where Are We? Where Are We Going?" Prologue 19, no.3 (Fall 1987): 163-175.
    RG011/RG106/RG208/RG233/JC Library/RMN Library

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    JC Library

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    WJC Library

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    JC Library

  12. Brands, Hal and David Palkki. "'Conspiring Bastards': Saddam Hussein's Strategic View of the United States". Diplomatic History 36, no.3 (June 2012): 625-659.
    RG059/JC Library/RR Library/GHWB Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    RMN Library/JC Library/RR Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    GRF Library/JC Library/LBJ Library/RMN Library

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    DDE Library/GRF Library/HST Library/JC Library/LBJ Library

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    RMN Library/JC Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

  26. Flint, Andrew R. and Joy Porter. "Jimmy Carter: The Re-emergence of Faith-Based Politics and the Abortion Rights Issue". Presidential Studies Quarterly 35, no.1 (March 2005): 28-51.
    JC Library

  27. Fried, Ellen. "Found at the Presidential Libraries: Dr. Seuss, Air Force One, and the San Diego Chicken". Prologue 35, no.4 (Winter 2003): 6-11.
    Online version
    RG208/DDE Library/FDR Library/GHWB Library/GRF Library/HH Library/HST Library/JC Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RMN Library/RR Library

  28. Funderburke, Richard Dees. "Jimmy Carter and the Presidential Library System". Provenance 7, no.1 (Spring 1989): 16-40.
    JC Library

  29. Geselbracht, Raymond and Timothy Walch. "The Presidential Libraries Act after 50 Years". Prologue 37, no.2 (Summer 2005): 48-53.
    Online version
    DDE Library/FDR Library/GHWB Library/GRF Library/GWB Library/HH Library/JC Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RR Library/WJC Library

  30. Gleijeses, Piero. "A Test of Wills: Jimmy Carter, South Africa, and the Independence of Namibia". Diplomatic History 34, no.5 (November 2010): 853-891.
    RG059/GRF Library/JC Library/CREST

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    RG059/RG263/JC Library/LBJ Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

  34. Greenwell, Regina. "The Oral History Collections of the Presidential Libraries". Journal of American History 84, no.2 (September 1997): 596-603.
    DDE Library/FDR Library/GHWB Library/GRF Library/HH Library/HST Library/JC Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RR Library/RMN Library

  35. Gumm, Angie. "'A Small Town with a Pretty Big Idea': How Ames, Iowa, Came to Have the Most Enduring Resource Recovery Plant in the United States". Annals of Iowa 70, no.4 (Fall 2011): 325-357.
    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

  38. Hendricks, David; Patterson, Amy. "The 1930 Census in Perspective". Prologue 34, no.2 (Summer 2002): 150-157.
    Online version
    RG029/JC Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    GRF Library/JC Library/RMN Library

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    JC Library

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    RG220/JC Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    RG042/GRF Library/JC Library/JFK Library/RMN Library

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    GHWB Library/GRF Library/JC Library/RMN Library

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    GRF Library/JC Library/RR Library

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    RG012/DDE Library/JC Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RMN Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    GRF Library/HST Library/JC Library

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    RG306/GHWB Library/GRF Library/JC Library/RR Library

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    RG064/RG111/FDR Library/HST Library/JC Library/JFK Library/RR Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    WJC Library/NARA photos

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    JC Library

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    JC Library/RR Library

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    JC Library

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    DDE Library/FDR Library/GHWB Library/GRF Library/HST Library/JC Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RR Library/RMN Library

  64. Nelson, W. Dale. "Standing In for the President". Prologue 31, no.2 (Summer 1999): 94-99.
    Online version
    FDR Library/HH Library/HST Library/JC Library/JFK Library/RR Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    DDE Library/FDR Library/GHWB Library/GRF Library/HH Library/HST Library/JC Library/JFK Library/RR Library/WJC Library/RMN Library

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    GRF Library/JC Library/JFK Library/LBJ Library/RMN Library

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    JC Library/RR Library

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    GRF Library/JC Library/RMN Library

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    GRF Library/JC Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    RG059/JC LIbrary

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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    GRF Library/JC Library

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    JC Library

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    JC Library

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