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Transmittal No. 22
April 2010

Space and Maintenance Records

This schedule provides for the disposal of all copies, wherever located in an agency, of records relating to space and maintenance, except as indicated below. Records documenting these functions pertain to the acquisition, allocation, utilization, and release of space and include related correspondence and reports submitted to the General Services Administration (GSA) (or equivalent agency with similar Government-wide responsibilities) as directed by law and regulation (41 CFR 101-17); correspondence and forms relating to the compilation of directory service listings; identification credentials and related accountable records; requests for building and equipment services; and correspondence files reflecting the activities of the unit responsible for handling space and related matters within the agency.

This schedule does not cover (a) copies of these records that are an integral part of accountable officers' accounts (Schedule 6); (b) records of procurement and supply (Schedule 3); (c) records that reflect Government-wide programs (such as the records held by the GSA Public Buildings Service). Any records created prior to the establishment of the Public Buildings Administration in 1939 must be offered to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) before applying these disposition instructions.

1.     Space and Maintenance General Correspondence Files.

Correspondence files of the unit responsible for space and maintenance matters, pertaining to its own administration and operation, and related papers.

Destroy when 2 years old. (N1-GRS-96-1, item 1c)

2.     Agency Space Files.

Records relating to the allocation, utilization, and release of space under agency control, and related reports to GSA.

a.     Building plan files, surveys, and other records utilized in agency space planning, assignment, and adjustment.

Destroy 2 years after termination of assignment, or when lease is canceled, or when plans are superseded or obsolete. (GRS 11, 1952, item 2a)

b.     Correspondence with and reports to staff agencies relating to agency space holdings and requirements.

(1)     Agency reports to the GSA, including Standard Form (SF) 81, Request for Space, and related documents.

Destroy when 2 years old. (GRS 11, 1952, item 2b1)

(2)     Copies in subordinate reporting units and related work papers.

Destroy when 1 year old. (GRS 11, 1952, item 2b2)

3.     Directory Service Files.

Correspondence, forms, and other records relating to the compilation of directory service listings.

Destroy 2 months after issuance of listing. (GRS 11, 1952, item 3)

4.     Credentials Files.

Identification credentials and related papers.

a.     Identification credentials including cards, badges, parking permits, photographs, agency permits to operate motor vehicles, and property, dining room and visitors passes, and other identification credentials.

Destroy credentials 3 months after return to issuing office. (GRS 11, 1952, item 4a)

b.     Receipts, indexes, listings, and accountable records.

Destroy after all listed credentials are accounted for. (GRS 11, 1952, item 4b)

5.     Building and Equipment Service Files.

Requests for building and equipment maintenance services, excluding fiscal copies.

Destroy 3 months after work is performed or requisition is canceled. (GRS 11, 1952, item 5)

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