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Transmittal No. 22
April 2010

Travel and Transportation Records

This schedule covers records documenting the movement of goods and persons under Government orders. The records include bills of lading, transportation requests, transportation vouchers, per diem vouchers, travel authorizations, and all supporting documentation, including that prescribed by Title 5 of the General Accounting Office Policy and Procedures Manual. Record copies of all travel, transportation, and freight documents used to support payments become components of the accountable officers' accounts. Disposition for commercial transportation and freight site audit records is covered by item 1 of this schedule. Individual, noncommercial, reimbursable travel site audit records are covered by General Records Schedule 6, item 1a, item 10, or item 11. Some copies become accounting posting media, which are covered by General Records Schedule 7, item 4.

a.   Movement of goods. The key record is the bill of lading, of which there are copies for consignors, consignees, and the carriers themselves. The documents related to and normally filed with the bill of lading are varied and often voluminous. These may consist of shortage and demurrage reports, invoices, and other data that document the transaction. Included are records relating to the shipment of household effects, authorized by law and regulations for military personnel and for civilian employees of the Government. Agencies shipping certain valuables under the Government Losses in Shipment Act, which insures against loss, retain copies of schedules of material shipped, documents relating to claims which may ensue, and other pertinent records.

b.  Movement of persons. The movement of persons is documented by copies of travel orders, authorizing travel and subsequent payment, and standard-form vouchers showing payment for official travel. The two primary copies of travel orders are the administrative copy maintained by the transportation unit controlling the authorization of travel and the copy used for encumbrance of funds. Vouchers documenting cash advances for travel purposes are covered by General Records Schedule 6, item 1a, only after the advance has been properly liquidated and can be included in a settled fiscal account. Unliquidated cash advances for travel purposes are covered by General Records Schedule 6, item 10.

1.  Commercial Freight and Passenger Transportation Files.

a.  Original vouchers and support documents covering commercial freight and passenger transportation charges of settled fiscal accounts, including registers and other control documents, but EXCLUDING those covered by item 1b of this schedule.

Destroy 6 years after the period of the account. (N1-GRS-91-3, item 1a)

b.  Records covering payment for commercial freight and passenger transportation charges for services for which 1) notice of overcharge has been or is expected to be issued, or if a rail freight overpayment is involved, 2) deduction or collection action has been taken, 3) the voucher contains inbound transit shipment(s), 4) parent voucher has print of paid supplemental bill associated, 5) the voucher has become involved in litigation, or 6) any other condition arises, such as detection of overcharge, that prevents the settling of the account, requiring the voucher to be retained beyond the 6 year retention period.

Destroy when 10 years old. (N1-GRS-91-3, item 1b)

c.  Issuing office copies of Government or commercial bills of lading, commercial passenger transportation vouchers (Standard Form (SF) 1113A) and transportation requests (SF 1169), travel authorizations, and supporting documents.

Destroy 6 years after the period of the account. (N1-GRS-91-3, item 1c)

d.  Obligation copy of commercial passenger transportation vouchers.

Destroy when funds are obligated. (N1-GRS-91-3, item 1e)

e.  Unused ticket redemption forms, such as SF 1170.

Destroy 3 years after the year in which the transaction is completed. (N1-GRS-98-2, item 8)

2.  Lost or Damaged Shipments Files.

Schedules of valuables shipped, correspondence, reports, and other records relating to the administration of the Government Losses in Shipment Act.

Destroy when 6 years old. (N1-GRS-91-3, item 2)

3.  Noncommercial, Reimbursable Travel Files.

Copies of records relating to reimbursing individuals, such as travel orders, per diem vouchers, and all other supporting documents relating to official travel by officers, employees, dependents, or others authorized by law to travel.

a.  Travel administrative office files.

Destroy when 6 years old. (N1-GRS-91-3, item 3a)

b.  Obligation copies.

Destroy when funds are obligated. (N1-GRS-91-3, item 3b)

4.  General Travel and Transportation Files.

a.  Routine administrative records including correspondence, forms, and related records pertaining to commercial and noncommercial agency travel and transportation and freight functions not covered elsewhere in this schedule.

Destroy when 2 years old. (N1-GRS-91-3, item 4a)

b.  Accountability records documenting the issue or receipt of accountable documents.

Destroy 1 year after all entries are cleared. (N1-GRS-91-3, item 4b)

5.  Records Relating to Official Passports. [See notes after item 5c.]

a.  Application files.

Documents relating to the issuance of official passports, including requests for passports, transmittal letters, receipts, and copies of travel authorizations.

Destroy when 3 years old or upon separation of the bearer, whichever is sooner. (N1-GRS-91-1, item 5a)

b.  Annual reports concerning official passports.

Reports to the Department of State concerning the number of official passports issued and related matters.

Destroy when 1 year old. (N1-GRS-91-1, item 5b)

c.  Passport registers.

Registers and lists of agency personnel who have official passports.

Destroy when superseded or obsolete. (N1-GRS-98-2, item 9)

[NOTES:  (1) Official passports should be returned to the Department of State upon expiration or upon the separation of the employee.  (2) Item 5b does not pertain to copies of the annual reports held by the Department of State. (N1-GRS-91-1, item 5 Notes)]


7.  Federal Employee Transportation Subsidy Records.

Documents in either paper or electronic form relating to the disbursement of transportation subsidies to employees, including applications of employees no longer in the program, superseded applications, certification logs, vouchers, spreadsheets, and other forms used to document the disbursement of subsidies.

Destroy when 3 years old. (N1-GRS-97-2, item 7)

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