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Federal agencies are required to manage their email records in accordance with the Federal Records Act and 36 CFR Chapter XII Sub-chapter B.

With the issuance of the Managing Government Records Directive (M-12-18), Goal 1.2, agencies are required to manage both permanent and temporary email records in an accessible electronic format by December 31, 2016.

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Bulletin 2013-02 (Capstone) Training Workshops NARA's Implementation of a Capstone Approach Additional Capstone Implementation Resources
Sample Capstone Approach Schedules    

The Capstone Approach

To aid agencies in meeting the requirements of Goal 1.2, NARA issued guidance on an optional approach to managing email records called Capstone. Using this approach, an agency can categorize and schedule email based on the work and/or position of the email account owner in an agency.

Bulletin 2013-02 (Capstone) Training Workshops

NARA held a series of workshops on the Capstone Approach between September 2013 and November 2013. Below is a recording of one of the sessions along with associated handouts.

NARA's Implementation of a Capstone Approach

Below are resources providing information on how NARA implemented their own Capstone Approach. Included are various sample documents used throughout this process.

Additional Capstone Implementation Resources

Below are additional resources meant to aid agencies in implementation aspects of a Capstone approach.

Sample Capstone Approach Schedules

Updated: February 25, 2015

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