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Gerald Ford at 100

A "Providential" President: Gerald Ford at 100 tells the story of an unexpected national leader on his centennial.

Monuments Men and Nazi Treasures

Monuments Men and Nazi Treasures U.S. Occupation forces faced a myriad of problems in sorting out the riches hidden by the Third Reich.

Fads and Fashions

Fads and Fashions takes a look at the lighter side of the Universal Newsreel Collection.


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From the Archivist


In the Magazine

  • It Began, It Ended with a "Dream": How the 1963 March on Washington Happened

  • Saving Major Wolf: An 1864 Report of an Execution

  • Authors on the Record: Last Call—How Prohibition Got in the Constitution and How It Was Kicked Out

  • Foundation for the National Archives

  • Pieces of History: Logical Order—A Pension Office Clerk's Lament

Genealogy Notes

"We're still alive today"


A captured Japanese diary was left behind on Makin Atoll during World War II.

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