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immigration records

The exhibit "Attachments" tells the stories of immigrants to the United States, including a boy who fled the Nazis and found a new life in America.

Declaration of Independence

The National Archives holds not only the original Declaration of Independence but also several copies of the William Stone's famous engraving.

War of 1812

Impressement of seamen was one American grievance before the War of 1812, but the U.S. Navy seized British sailors on occasion.


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  • "It's My Baby!" FDR Tales a Deep Interest in the Young National Archives

  • The World War I Draft: Some Notable Registrants

  • First Steps in Vietnam

  • Authors on the Record: When Terror Arrived in Germany

  • Foundation for the National Archives

  • Pieces of History: FDR's Podium

Genealogy Notes

Question 22

New Deal Relief

The 1940 census provides a glimpse of the demographics of the New Deal.

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