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“This selection of historic documentary films from the CIA, FBI, and OSS takes you inside the shadowy and violent worlds of espionage and crime. Their images reveal the real betrayals and heroics, the sophisticated spy craft, and the covert operations that win wars, inform foreign policy, and bring criminals to justice.” – Marcia Kolko, lead project archives specialist

Press Release
November 5, 2010

FBI, CIA, and OSS Films on DVD from the National Archives

Washington, DC…The National Archives announces the release of “FBI/CIA Films: Declassified,” produced in partnership with Topics Entertainment. Featuring more than 29 hours of historical footage selected by archivists from the National Archives’ vast motion picture holdings, this collection of gripping films takes you inside the minds of some of America’s most notorious criminals and into the files of covert operations and criminal investigations.

The 17-DVD set is comprised of seven sections:

  • “Espionage” highlights actual case histories of infamous Soviet spies, the history of the Office of Special Investigations, and the apprehension of a Communist spy ring. 14 films

  • “Spy Craft” presents an actual training school for Soviet spies, shows how an interrogation team conducts interviews, and highlights the historic “Corona Program,” the nation's first foray into photo-reconnaissance satellites. 7 films

  • “Survival” features first-person accounts from ex-hostages, as well as an inside look at the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, survival tips, and instructions on how to escape capture. 10 films

  • “Special Ops” tells the real story of U.S. Special Operation Forces, along with the life of a Navy Seal, a secret U.S. military group in Europe, and the history of military snipers. 7 films

  • “Crime Busting” describes how the FBI battled against bootleggers and gangsters like John Dillinger, “Baby Face” Nelson, and “Ma” Barker. 15 films

  • “Investigation” takes you inside FBI training and a crime lab, explores evidence-gathering, and examines the investigation of a bank robbery. 11 films

  • “OSS/WWII Undercover” discloses how the Danish resisted Nazi occupiers and how secret agents develop and maintain “cover.” 9 films

The boxed set sells for the suggested retail price of $89.99 and is available at Sam’s Club, Costco, Amazon, and other major retailers nationwide, as well as at selected NARA museum shops.

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