News Clips - October 7, 1999

Nixon Tapes

1. In 1971 Tapes, Nixon Blamed Jews for Communist Plots (The New York Times, 10/7/99)

2. Nixon, Kissinger: Viet Chat on Tape (Associated Press, 10/6/99)

3. National Archives Releases Nixon Tapes (The Washington Times, 10/6/99)

4. Washington: Nixon Tapes (USA Today, 10/6/99)

5. New Nixon Tapes Are Released (The Washington Post, 10/6/99)

6. New Nixon Tapes Released (Associate Press, 10/5/99)

7. Nixon Secret Tapes To Be Destroyed (Associated Press, 10/1/99)

8. President Nixon (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/15/99)

9. Nixon Talks: Who Will Be Listening? (Detroit Free Press, 8/9/99) NARA Records

10. CIA Accused of 'Whitewash' On Pinochet (The Washington Post, 10/7/99)

11. Wall St. Wiz Is More Than CIA's Cyber-Eye (The Washington Post, 10/7/99)

12. Second Opinion (U.S. News & World Report, 9/27/99)

13. National Archives Releases FBI Files On Lindbergh Kidnapping (, 9/22/99)

14. Feds Release File On Lindbergh's Baby (APB News, 9/15/99)

15. GPO Delivering Presidential Papers Online (Federal Computer Week, 9/13/99)

16. Analysis Of Ladder Is Part Of The Data (Star-Ledger, 9/13/99)

17. Pew Charitable Trusts (The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 9/9/99)

18. Civil War Comes To Life Through Records (Scripps Howard Foundation Wire, 8/31/99)

19. Chace Productions Audio Restoration For Film (Digital TV Supplement, 9/99)

20. Justice Is Heard-Multimedia Style (Chicago Tribune, 8/21/99)

21. Paper Made At U Of I To Help Uphold Constitution (Gazette, 8/17/99)

22. Copies Of Petition Available (West Hawaii Today, 8/17/99)

23. Time To Collect (Federal Times, 8/16/99)

24. Decisions, Decisions (La Porte Herald-Argus, 8/12/99)

25. Jackie Penned Note To Nikita (Newsday, 8/6/99)

26. Remarks Of The President And The First Lady On Freedom Products (Jacksonville Advocate, 8/2/99)

Electronic Records Issues

27. NARA Decides To Wait And See On Archiving Policy (Government Computer News, 9/6/99)

28. A Super Solution To Record Storage? (Computer World, 9/3/99)

29. Project Aims To Modernize Data Preservation Process (Government Computer News, 8/30/99)

30. NARA Taken To Task On Electronic Record-keeping (Government Computer News, 8/30/99)

31. Court Ruling Won't End Debate Over Archiving (Government Computer News, 8/23/99)

32. 'Print And Delete' Policy For Federal Agencies Upheld (Observer, 8/9/99)

NARA Web Site

33. Favorite Bookmarks (Courier-Journal, 9/6/99)

34. Week On The Web (Newsday, 9/1/99)

35. Hot Web Sites (Des Moines Register, 8/23/99)

36. Hot Links: National Archives Online Exhibit Hall (Ventura County Star, 8/2/99)

37. A Sense Of History (Ohio Schools, 8/99)

Exhibits and Events

38. Picturing The Century: One Hundred Years Of Photography From The National Archives (School Arts Magazine, 9/99)


39. 1930 Census Data Becomes Public In 2002 (Dallas Morning News, 9/4/99)

40. Internet Sites Help With New Genealogy Research (News Herald, 8/22/99)

41. Tracing Your Family Tree (Big Spring Herald, 8/19/99)

42. Bounty Land Applications Can Be A Valuable Research Tool (Sun Herald, 8/17/99)

Regional Archives

43. Work Faces (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 8/16/99)

44. Web Site Provides Access To Records Nationwide (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 8/15/99)

Presidential Libraries

45. Library Architects See Rainbow's End In LR Weed Patch (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 9/2/99)

46. Graduate Program Sketched Out For Clinton Presidential Library (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 9/1/99)

47. Impeachment Props Become Stuff Of History (New York Times, 8/26/99)

48. Clinton's Latest Legal Hurdle: A Library Site For His Legacy (Christian Science Monitor, 8/16/99)

49. Prospects For Library Unrealistic (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 8/3/99)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

50. Program About Laura Ingalls Wilder Planned At Hoover Museum Labor Day (Fairfield Ledger, 8/31/99)

51. Gingerbread, Man (Des Moines Register, 8/25/99)

52. Party Marks Hoover Birthday (Gazette, 8/8/99)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

53. Innovative Changes Ahead At Truman Library (Kansas City Star, 9/15/99)

54. Thankful Vets Pay Tribute To Harry Truman (The Examiner, 8/30/99)

55. Truman Library Gets $8 Million In Federal Funds (Kansas City Star, 8/27/99)

56. Anthrax Scare Closes Truman Library (Kansas City Star, 8/17/99)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

57. Designs Exhibit Opens At Eisenhower Library (Abilene Reflector-Chronicle 8/21/99)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

58. Treasures Of The Kennedy Library To Be Displayed (Malden Evening News, 8/20/99)

Gerald R. Ford Museum

59. Ford Museum Highlights 20th Century (Sunday Denver Post, 8/15/99)

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

60. In The News (Post-Standard, 8/18/99)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

61. Reagan License Plate (Washington Times, 8/30/99)

62. State Senate Oks License Plate In Reagan's Honor (Los Angeles Times, 8/25/99)

63. Cox Links Prosperity To Reagan (Daily News, 8/24/99)

George Bush Presidential Library

64. Exhibit Shows Presidential Private Lives (The Bryan-College Station Eagle, 8/23/99)

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