News Clips - November 27, 1998

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NARA Records

2. Diem's Death ‘Shocked' Kennedy (The Washington Post, 11/25/98)

3. Suit Challenges Zapruder Film Purchase (The Washington Post, 11/24/98)

4. A Wealth of New Information on Holocaust (The Washington Post, 11/18/98)

5. Secret List Called Clue to Art Stolen by Nazis (The New York Times, 11/11/98)

6. Archives II Works Behind the Scenes (Outlook, 11/10/98)

7. Archive Photos Not of JFK's Brain, Concludes Aide to Review Board (The Washington Post, 11/10/98)

8. Papers Highlight Discrepancies In Autopsy of Kennedy's Brain (The New York Times, 11/10/98)

9. Hoover Memos on JFK Death Released (Associated Press, 11/9/98)

10. List Reveals Names of Nazi-Era Art Looters (The Washington Post, 11/7/98)

11. FYI-No Conspiracy Found (The Washington Spectator, 11/1/98)

12. Congress Passes Bill to Open Nazi Archives (JUF News, 10/98)

13. Sourcing Stock Footage (Syllabus, 10/98)

14. Present is Past for Castro (Post and Courier, 10/21/98)

15. Editorial Opinion: At Last (Observer, 10/21/98)

16. Guide Helps Clarify Immigration Records (Daily Oklahoman, 10/17/98)

17. District of Columbia: Panel to Decide Zapruder Compensation (Press Journal, 10/17/98)

18. D.C. Design Firm Picked for National Archives Renovation (Daily Record, 10/17/98)

19. M16 ‘Concealed' Extermination of Jews for a Year (Daily Telegraph, 10/15/98)

20. Play About Rizal's Final Hour to be Featured in National Archives Theater (Philippine News, 10/14/98)

21. NARA Announces Agreement With INS (Antique Week Central Edition, 10/12/98)

22. Kennedy Files Indict Secretive Agencies (Repository, 10/9/98)

23. You Can't Copyright Public Domain, But You can Capitalize on it (Leader, 10/7/98)

24. Public Still in Dark About JFK's Death (Valley Morning Star, 10/6/98)

25. Profiting From Public Works is Their Domain (Dallas Morning News, 10/6/98)

26. Secrecy by Government Only Leads to Public Suspicion (Yuma Daily Sun, 10/4/98)

27. POW Welcomed Back to German Capture Site (Argus-Leader, 9/29/98)

Electronic Records Issues

28. NARA Floats Electronic Records Plan (Federal Computer Week, 11/2/98)

29. Mandatory E-Records Management Arrives (Federal Computer Week, 11/2/98)

30. NARA, Back in Court, Argues for its Records Policy (Government Computer News, 10/26/98)

31. Paperless Problems (Union-News, 10/2698 )

32. NARA Gets More Time to set Archiving Policy (Government Computer News, 10/12/98)

33. Agencies Need to Ponder Web's Long-Term Role (Government Computer News, 10/12/98)

34. Data Storage for Life (Signal, 10/98)

NARA Website

35. Digital Classroom (Better Teaching, 11/20/98

36. The World on the Web (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/29/98)

37. Genealogy Gleanings (Antique Week Central Edition, 10/12/98)

38. Websites: Genealogy (Sioux City Journal, 10/11/98)

39. Websites for Research (Cincinnati Enquirer, 8/18/98)


40. Here are Keys to Unlock Census Data (Patriot-News, 10/27/98)

41. Family History Workshops (Mount Airy Times Express, 10/12/98)

42. Scaling the Family Tree Corona Independent, 10/9/98)

43. Military Resources for Family History Research (Atlanta Metro, 8/98)

Regional Archives

44. Archivist to Address Heritage Hunters (Daily Gazette, 10/14/98)

45. These Public Records Reveal Private Lives (Press-Enterprise, 10/11/98)

Presidential Libraries

46. Clinton Library Musings Accelerate (American Libraries, 10/98)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

47. Student's Extra Efforts Anything but Common (Telegraph Herald, 10/25/98)

48. ‘Little House' Stories Will Charm 21st-Century Kids (Gazette, 10/18/98)

49. Hoover a West Branch Highlight (Gazette, 10/17/98)

50. School Embraces Diversity (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 10/15/98)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

51. FDR Site Receives $1 Million in Grant (Poughkeepsie Journal, 10/25/98)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

52. Truman Matured in Views on Civil Rights (The Examiner, 10/16/98)

53. Speakers Will Explore the ‘48 Campaign (The Examiner, 9/23/98)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

54. Nine to Study Ways State Can Capitalize on Ike (Wichita Eagle, 10/21/98)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

55. Museums Boston: Jack's Place (Museums New York, 9/98)

56. JFK Museum Honors Robert Kennedy's Vision and Contributions (News Tribune, 10/30/98)

57. Cyberscene: A Look Back (Orlando Sentinel, 10/29/98)

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

58. LBJ Library Plans Lady Bird Exhibit (Palestine Herald-Press, 10/28/98)

59. New Tapes Reveal LBJ's Wiles (Marietta Daily Journal, 10/22/98)

Gerald R. Ford Museum

60. The Great War (Wichita Eagle, 11/1/98)

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

61. Carter Library Reproduces 1978 Camp David Accords Scene (San Jose Mercury News, 10/25/98)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

62. Reagan Cast in Old Role for New Tribute at Library (Los Angeles Times, 11/18/98)

63. Eggs-Acting Art (Daily News, 10/30/98)

64. A Whitewater Tidbit Sure to Tantalize Devoted Conspiracy Buffs (Los Angeles Times, 10/2598)

65. Characters Help Bring History Alive for Kids (Daily News, 10/22/98)

66. 6 Presidents Come to Life in October (Simi Valley Star, 10/12/98)

George Bush Presidential Library

67. Q&A (St. Paul Pioneer Press, 10/14/98)

68. PBS to Interview Bush From Library (Bryan-College Station Eagle, 10/9/98)

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