News Clips - March 13, 1998

Washington D.C./ General Interest

1. For the Record, Archives Facing Daunting Task (The Washington Post, 2/19/98)

2. Whoops, There Goes Another CD-Rom (U.S. News & World Report, 2/16/98)

3. NAIA Fumbles With E-Mail Preservation Policy (Government Computer News, 2/9/98)

4. Record-Keeping Needs More Than One Hand (Lake Charles American Press, 1/28/98)

5. Courts Asked To Save Feds’ Digital Files (Federal Computer Week, 3/2/98)

6. Administration Revamping Access Plan (Federal Computer Week, 3/2/98)

7. E-World Zapping Paper Trail (Government Executive, February 1998)

8. Put ‘C’ in CIO (Government Computer News, 1/26/98)

9. Embracing The New Millennium (The Washington Post, 2/12/98)

10. Hillary Clinton Announces Efforts to Save Nation’s Past (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/12/98)

11. Precious Pieces of Nation’s Past Need Protection (The Washington Times. 2/9/98)

12. National Documents to be Refurbished (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 2/8/98)

13. National Archives (Federal Times, 2/16/98)

14. US Archives Shreds 50 Years of Navy Research Records (Science & Government Reports, 2/1/98)

15. Mix-Up Leads to Shredding of Valuable Records From Naval Lab (The New York Times, 2/7/98)

16. The Basset Files (Montgomery Gazette, 1/23/98)

17. Green v. National Archives and Records Administration (Legal Times, 2/16/98)

18. Lines of Lincoln (The Washington Post, 3/2/98)

19. Ready, Willing and Abe-l (State Journal Register, 2/8/98)

20. Seeking Justice Before Time Runs Out (Jewish News, 2/13/98)

21. Iraqi Papers on Way to CU (Denver Post, 2/5/98)

22. Files Document Chemical War on Kurds (USA Today, 2/5/98)

23. Europe Declassified U.S. Documents Shed New Light on World War II (Radio Free Europe, 2/13/98)

24. A Monumental Vacation (Standard Examiner, 2/8/98)

25. ‘Amistad’ Can launch an Investigation of the Black Experience (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/5/98)

26. Amistad Records at Archives (The News Tribune, 2/9/98)

27. Cutting the Nixon tapes (The American Spectator, March 1998)

28. Aide: Watergate Account Distorted (Newsday, 2/19/98)

29. Nixon Estate Seeks Return of Tapes (Newsday, 2/24/98)

30. Judges Lean Toward Claim on Nixon Estate (The Washington Post, 2/24/98)

31. Out on a Limb at the Archives (The Washington Post, 2/17/98)

32. Nixon Tapes (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 1/17/98)

33. Uncovering Watergate (Chicago Tribune, 1/25/98)


34. Back in the Day (Atlanta News Leader, 1/22/98)

35. Helpful Tips on Researching African-American Ancestry (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 2/1/98)

36. It’s Easy to Begin Researching the Background of Your Family (Orange County Register, 1/22/98)

37. Genealogy Gleanings (Antique Week Central Edition, 1/19/98)

38. Hoping to Computerize Ellis Island Records (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/21/98)

39. Scholarship Available for Institutes (Herald Sun, 1/18/98)

40. Census Records Help Trace Family Footsteps (News Banner, 1/11/98)

Exhibits, Events and Publications

41. New Area Opens for Archiving, Retrieving Photo Collections (Antique Week Central, 1/26/98)

42. The National Archives and Records Administration (Columbus Dispatch, 1/13/98)

43. "American Originals, Part III" (City Paper, 12/19/97)

44. How Bush Fretted on Eve of War (San Francisco, 1/17/98)

45. President Harry S. Truman Diary (Social Education, January 1998)

46. The Key to Learning (The Capital, 2/26/98)

47. Records Tell Tale of Penitentiary’s Youngest Inmate (Kansas City Star, 1/11/98)

48. Amistad Records at Archives (News Tribune, 2/9/98)

Presidential Libraries

49. Ultimate Spin: Presidential Libraries (Boston Globe, 1/28/98)

50. The Last Campaign (Capital Style, March 1998)

51. Hail to the Chiefs (Travel America, Jan-Feb 1998)

52. How Many Presidential Libraries Exist? (Longview News- Journal, 1/15/98)

53. On Presidents day Don’t Forget ‘Hail to the Vice Chief’ (The Gazette, 2/15/98)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

54. New Exhibit: ‘No Big Deal: The Art of Miniatures’ (West Branch Times, 1/22/98)

55. ‘The Bear’ Shows at Hoover Museum (Iowa City Press Citizen, 1/29/98)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

56. When Harry Wrote Bess (US News & World Report, 2/16/98)

57. ‘Dear Bess’ Letters a Treasure (The Examiner, 2/12/98)

58. Truman Kept First Lady Foremost in Heart (Journal-World, 2/8/98)

59. Truman Letters Show Years of Devotion to Wife (Lawrence Journal World, 2/8/98)

60. Tourist Numbers Down a Bit (The Examiner, 2/3/98)

61. The People and the Presidency (Des Moines Register, 1/28/98)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

62. Exercise with No. 1 (The Abilene reflector- Chronicle, 2/16/98)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

63. JFK Library to Commemorate 1963 Struggle for Civil Rights (Tennessee Tribune, 1/30/98)

64. Symposium on Civil Rights at JFK Library (Malden Evening News, 1/23/98)

65. Children’s Program Gives Dimensions to King Story (Boston Sunday Globe, 1/18/98)

66. Just Like Old Times (The Washington Post, 3/3/98)

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

67. WJC Most Resembles LBJ (Press-Enterprise, 2/9/98)

68. Confronting Texas, Myths and All, With a Camera (New York Times, 2/5/98)

Gerald Ford Presidential Library

69. Ford Library Location Draws Good Question (Longview News-Journal, 1/30/98)

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

70. Presidential Ribbing (The Atlanta Constitution, 2/16/98)

71. Atlanta, GA (The Leaf- Chronicle)

72. A Laughing Matter (The Dallas Morning News, 2/15/98)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

73. Freedom Draws Reagan Library Crowds

74. A Celebration of Reagan (The New Yorker, 2/16/98)

75. Heirlooms From Grandma (Los Angeles Times, 1/15/98)

George Bush Presidential Library

76. Bush Library Visitors Awed by Collection (Tomball Sun, 1/21/98)

77. Library Offers Peek at Portion of Bush’s White House Records (Houston Chronicle, 1/20/98)

78. Opening of Bush Files Yields Data But Not Much Drama (Houston Chronicle, 1/21/98)

79. Portrait of a President (Texas Highway, February 1998)


80. Secrets of the Vatican Archives (The New York Times, 2/7/98)

Radio & Television Coverage

Mark A. Corriston was interviewed regarding the USP-Leavenworth Prison Escape in 1910 using a steam Locomotive to breakout.
History Channel, 2/8/98

Tom Lowry was interviewed regarding the Lincoln Endorsements on Court-Martial Files.
National Public Radio, 2/23/98

Michael Miller was interviewed by Susan Swaine regarding Saving Electronic Records.
C-Span, 2/19/98

The Lincoln Document Discovery
CBS Up to the Minute, 2/11/98

Tom Lowry was interviewed regarding The Lincoln Document Discovery
C-Span, 3/11/98

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