News Clips - January 12, 1999

NARA Records

1. 24 Years After Watergate, a New Fight Emerges Over Nixon Tapes (Los Angeles Times,1/2/99)

2. On Tapes, Nixon Sounds Off on Women, Blacks, Cabinet (The Washington Post, 12/27/98)

3. About-Face on the Nixon Tapes (The Washington Post, 12/26/98)

4. Now, American Firms Face Holocaust Claims (U.S. News and World Report, 12/14/98)

5. Nixon Bills Taxpayers (Savannah Morning News, 12/4/98)

6. Nixon Agreement on Donating Papers Cited (The Washington Post, 12/4/98)

7. As Washington Convenes Conference on Claims Resolution Leaders and Lawyers Insist Struggle is Only Just Beginning (Forward, 12/4/98)

8. Pricing the Nixon Records (The Washington Post, 12/3/98)

9. Nixon Estate Sues for Seized Papers (Associated Press, 12/3/98)

10. Government: Nixon Wanted Tapes Destroyed (Associated Press, 12/3/98)

11. Nixon Estate Seeks Millions for Material Seized by Government (The New York Times, 12/2/98)

12. Compensation Urged for Nazis' Victims in World War II, Holocaust (The Kansas City Star, 12/1/98)

13. Archives Snips all Personal Talk From Nixon Tapes (The Washington Times, 11/30/98)

14. Argentina's Secret Trade With the Nazis: Quinine, Golf Balls, Diamonds (Financial Times, 11/28/98)

15. Prying Open ‘Top Secret' U.S. Safe (Christian Science Monitor, 11/27/98)

16. History not yet Written (Times Herald, 11/15/98)

Electronic Records Issues

17. National Archives Endorses Standard for Electronic Records Management (AASLH Dispatch, 1/99)

18. Where to Store the E-Mail (The Washington Post, 11/30/98)

19. NARA OKs DoD Records Plan (Federal Computer Week, 11/23/98)

20. Problems with Electronic Legal Information (New York Law Journal, 11/17/98)

Space Planning

21. National Archives Plan for Agency Storage Costs (Perspectives, 1/99)

22. National Archives Branch to Move, but Where? (Florida Times-Union, 10/19/98)

NARA Website

23. NARA Web Site to Aid Holocaust Asset Research (Federal Computer Week, 12/7/98)

24. Tuskegee Syphilis Study, FDR Transcripts Among New National Archives Web Site Materials (Metro Herald, 11/13/98)

25. War Propaganda Posters Were Sign of Times (Daily Oklahoman, 11/6/98)

26. Digital Image Resources From National Archives (Syllabus, 11/98)

Exhibits and Events

27. More of History's Paper Trail (The Washington Post, 12/25/98)

28. What's Happening in. . .Washington, D.C. (USA Today, 12/18/98)

29. National Archives Opens Exhibit of ‘American Originals' (The Baltimore Sun, 12/17/98)

30. This Week (The New York Times, 12/14/98)

31. Archival Treasures (The Washington Post, 12/9/98 )

32. World War II Memories (Senior Beacon, 12/98)

33. History, et al. (The Washington Times, 11/30/98)

34. Symposium to Focus on Holocaust-Era Assets (Antique Week, 11/23/98)

35. National Archives Hosts Symposium on Holocaust-Era Assets (Metro Herald, 11/13/98)

36. Program on Holocaust-Era Research (Washington Jewish Week, 11/12/98)

37. National Archives Celebrates Glenn's Space Flight (Metro Herald, 10/30/98)


38. Ancestors on File (Civil War Times, 2/99)

39. Discover Your Family Tree (Boston Sunday Globe, 11/29/98)

40. In Search: Archives the Place to Find Civil War Links (Winston-Salem Journal, 11/9/98)

41. Funds Needed to Reach Latest Goal (Spokesman-Review, 10/4/98)

Regional Archives

42. Computers Will Allow Families of Ellis Island Immigrants to Print Out Records (Democrat and Chronicle, 11/16/98)

43. Federal Archivist is Guest of Group (Watertown Daily Times, 11/5/98)

44. Database Helps Locate Gulf War Hospital Records (Army Echoes, 10-12/98)

Presidential Libraries

45. The Impeachment Museum (U.S. News & World Report, 12/28/98-1/4/99)

46. Libraries and Museums: From Hoover to Bush (New York Times, 10/11/98)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

47. Tape Reveals Hoover's Influence on Kennedy (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 11/30/98)

48. Christmas Display at Hoover Museum (Messenger, 11/29/98)

49. Hoover Exhibit Showcases International Christmases (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 11/27/98)

50. 15 Uncommon Young People Could Change Your Outlook, Too (Gazette, 11/26/98)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

51. FDR Library Director, Parks Chief to Quit Posts (Poughkeepsie Journal, 11/13/98)

52. Heads of FDR Sites Made an Impact (Poughkeepsie Journal, 11/13/98)

53. Arts Awards Applaud a Wide Range of Efforts (Poughkeepsie Journal, 10/21/98)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

54. Last Member of Truman's WWI Unit Dead at 103 (Mobile Register, 12/9/98)

55. Truman Trimmings (Kansas City Star, 12/3/98)

56. Inaugural Splendor on Display (The Examiner, 11/24/98)

57. Independence Misses Out on Tourism Potential (The Kansas City Star, 11/16/98)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

58. ‘62 California Governor Called Nixon ‘Nuts' in Taped Chat With JFK (New York Post, 12/7/98)

59. RFK Papers Remain Secret (Staten Island Advance, 11/22/98)

60. A Call For a Broader Retelling of Camelot (Boston Sunday Globe, 11/22/98)

61. 8 Irish Peace-Seekers to Share Courage Award (Boston Herald, 11/19/98)

62. Melrose Mayor Presented With Leadership Award (Malden Evening News, 11/11/98)

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

63. Exhibiting a First Lady's Charms (The Washington Post, 12/19/98)

64. LBJ Library and Museum to Open ‘First Lady's Gallery' on December 22 (Galveston Daily News, 11/29/98)

Gerald R. Ford Museum

65. ‘First Families' Exhibit at Ford Museum (Grand Haven Tribune, 12/7/98)

66. Kid-Friendliest Places in Michigan (Jackson Citizen Patriot, 12/6/98)

67. Have a Dickens of a Time (Grand Rapids Press, 12/4/98)

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

68. AIDS & Religion in America (Washington Afro-American, 11/28/98)

69. Poems for Peace (Atlanta Constitution, 11/19/98)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

70. Russian Art Expert to Lecture at Library (Los Angeles Times, 12/5/98)

71. Museum Spotlights Lithuania (Ventura County Star, 11/27/98)

72. Reagan Library Has Local Flavor (Telegraph, 11/25/98)

73. Introducing Students to World (Daily News, 11/23/98)

74. New Reagan Sculpture (Seattle Times, 11/20/98)

75. Wilson to Deliver ‘98 Reagan Lecture (Daily News, 11/19/98)

76. Christmas Workshops Set at Library (Daily News, 11/2/98)

George Bush Presidential Library

77. Bush Library to Highlight Maine Years (York County Coast Star, 12/9/98)

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