News Clips - February 9, 1998

Washington D.C./ General Interest

1. Researcher Wins Lawsuit Against National Archives (The Washington Post, 2/5/98)

2. Effort Aims to Preserve our National Heritage (The Washington Post, 1/29/98)

3. The State of the Union (The Washington Post, 1/28/98)

4. Some Millennium Year-2000 Goals (Dayton, OH Daily News, 1/1/98)

5. JITC Develops Records Management Software Criteria (Government Computer News, 1/12/98)

6. Do Not Delete (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 1/3/98)

7. The Raw Notes of History (Toledo, OH Blade, 12/31/97)

8. Archives Steel for Data Influx (San Francisco Examiner, 12/26/9)

9. Goldberg a Veteran at Recording History (The Washington Post, 2/4/98)

10. Book Smart (New Republic, 12/29/97)

11. Notebook (New Republic, 1/19/98)

12. Constitution Endures Over Time (North Carolina Times, 12/23/97)

13. Relocation: A Testament to Good Planning (Facilities Design & Management, December 1997)

14. Vietnam-Era Historians ( Fort Worth Star- Telegram, 12/22/97)

15. New Tapes Debunk Oliver Stone’s ‘Nixon’ (San Francisco Examiner, 12/1/98)

16. AP Corrects Nixon Tape Story (The Washington Post, 2/16/98)

17. Strange Bedfellows (The Baltimore Sun, 1/8/98)

16. KU Librarian Mapping US History (Lawrence KS Daily Journal, 1/2/98)

Exhibits, Events & Publications

17. Archives Displays Famous Firsts (The Burlington Free Press, 1/11/98)

18. Honoring Heroes of Spanish-American War (The Washington Post, 2/4/98)

19. Reading Up (Chicago Sun Times, 12/28/97)

20. Amistad Testifies to Slaves Bravery (Wilmington DE News Journal, 1/7/98)

21. Digitizing the National Archives (Government Executive, December 1997)

22. National Archives and Records Administration (Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/9/98)


23. Immigrant Arrivals Going on Computer (Wilkes Barre, PA Times Leader, 1/11/98)

24. Mission Accomplished (Titusville, FL Computer Shopper, December 1997)

25. Genealogy Studies Begin at Home (Waco Tribune-Herald, 12/29/97)

26. CLPEF Encourages Former Internees to View Their Wartime Files (San Francisco Hokubei Mainichi, 1/6/98)

Regional Records Facilities

27. Marines Say Thanks for Generosity Shown Toys for Tots (Waltham, MA News Tribune, 1/9/98)

Presidential Libraries

28. Protesting Pollsters & Politicians (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/4/98)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

29. Grants Boost Area Arts (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 1/1/98)

30. Admission is Free to See Hoover Museum Exhibit (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 12/30/97)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library

31. Touching History (Poughkeepsie Journal, 1/15/98)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

32. Forever Yours (Midwest motorist, Jan-Feb, 1998)

33. Library Bidding Farewell to a Longtime Employee (The Examiner, 1/22/98)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

34. Man of Few Words Will Finally Be Honored (Boston Sunday herald, 1/11/98)

35. A Battle Over Camelot’s Treasures (Boston Sunday Globe, 1/11/98)

36. JFK Library Visitors Forgive Family Failings (Boston Herald, 1/3/98)

37. Side by Side (Boston Magazine, January 1998)

George Bush Presidential Library

38. Hail to the Former Chief (Killeen TX Daily Herald, 1/7/98)

39. Top Stories of the Year (Houston Chronicle, 12/28/97)

40. George Bush Library Has Something for Everyone (Channelview, TX Kingwood Sun, 12/31/97)


41. New Library Will Chronicle First Ladies (The Washington Post, 1/26/98)

42. I am interested.... (Income Opportunities, February 1998)

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