News Clips - December 5, 1997

Washington D.C./ General Interest

1. National Archives Open to All--Especially If you Have Patience (Astoria, NY Queens Gazette, 10/16/97)

2. NARA Creates Panel to Rewrite Records Rule (Federal Computer Week, 12/1/97)

3. Agencies in Need of Electronic Records Management Solutions (Federal Computer Week, 11/10/97)

4. Primary Sources on the Web (Sunnyvale, CA Syllabus/HEPC, November 1997)

5. Web Watch (New Britain, CT Herald Press, 11/2/97)

6. National Archives and Records Administration (Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/7/97)

7. Site Celebrates Fall of Berlin Wall (Atlanta Journal, 11/7/97)

8. Uncertainty in the Archives (John Hopkins Magazine, November 1997)

9. It’s Time to Close the File on Archive Site in Bayonne (The Star Ledger, 12/1/97)

10. Lettuce and Pickles, Hold the Horseradish (The Washington Times, 16/25/97)

11. Declassified Papers Show Anti-Castro Ideas Proposed to Kennedy (The New York Times, 11/19/97)

12. Nixon Hoped Antitrust Threat Would Sway Network Coverage (The Washington Post, 12/1/97)

13. Both the Presidents Lawyers (The Washington Post, 11/24/97)

14. A White House Divided (Our Sunday Visitor, 10/26/97)

15. Nixon’s Tapes & the ‘Greek Connection’ (Nation, 11/24/97)

16. The Tale of the Tapes Continues to Unwind for JFK, LBJ, Nixon (Newark, NJ Sunday Star Ledger, 11/9/97)

17. In Other Action (San Jose Mercury, 11/11/95)

18. ‘Top Secret’ Open to Interpretation (Boston Globe, 11/8/97)

19. Hazy Pasts Cloud Some Local Art (Boston Globe, 11/17/97)

20. Author Speaks About Secret War (Manchester, CT Journal Inquirer, 11/4/97)

21. Remember Sam Walker (Annison, AL Annison Star, 11/17/97)

22. Washington Meeting Breaks Attendance Record (Political Science & Politics, December 1997)

23. New Fellow Profile (AIC News, November 1997)

Exhibits, Events & Publications

24. The Homestead Act of 1862 (Social Education, October 1997)

25. Capital Sights (Where Washington, November 1997)

26. Dog Soldiers (Gaithersburg, MD Pentagram, 10/31/97)


27. Genealogical Hunt Leads Woman to Peekskill Founder (White Plains, NY Reporter Dispatcher, 11/14/97)

28. Take Care with Notes and Documentation (Asheville, NC Asheville Citizen-Times, 11/2/97)

Presidential Libraries

29. Presidential Libraries (Watertown, NY Watertown Daily Times, 11/9/97)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

30. Visit Christmases of the Past at Hoover Museum’s Exhibit (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 11/20/97)

31. Christmas, The Way Americans See It (The West Branch Times, 11/20/97)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library

32. Walking down Memory Lane at FDR’s Home (Nassau, NY Newsday, 11/9/97)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

33. Meet the Latest Truman Scholar (The Kansas City Star, 11/21/97)

34. Truman Library to Get $4 Million (Kansas City Star, 10/10/97)

35. The Truman Library at 40 (Kansas City Star, 9/15/97)

36. Documentary on Truman Premiered in Independence (Jefferson City Capital News, 9/23/97)

37. Library and Museum (Kansas City, MO The Independent, 11/22/97)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

38. Ike Show Man Much Like His Image in Public (The Topeka Capital-Journal, 11/16/97)

39. Unusual Exhibit Has Presidential Feel (Abilene, KS Abilene Kansas, 11/10/97)

40. Artist Gives Own Touch for Exhibit ( Abilene, KS Abilene Kansas, 11/13/97)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

41. New Exhibit to Celebrate Art and Ceremony at Kennedy White House (Woburn, MA Daily Times Chronicle, 10/30/97)

42. A Presidential Time Machine (Boston Globe, 11/10/97)

43. Gilless has Role in New JFK Book (Memphis, TN Commercial Appeal, 11/10/97)

44. Plan R???? (Los Angeles Times, 11/2/97)

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

45. A Larger Than Life President and Book (The Wall Street Journal, 11/20/97)

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

46. When Weather Turns ‘Frightful’ Atlanta Garden Still Delightful (Birmingham News, 11/2/97)

47. Carter & Korea (Atlanta Constitution, 11/13/97)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

48. Exercising Executive Orders (Los Angeles Times, 11/15/97)

49. Great Way to Spend a Day: In Your Museum (Los Angeles Times, 11/12/97)

50. Two New Exhibits for Reagan Library (Agura, CA Acorn, 11/6/97)

51. Reagan Library Treats Visitors to Special Tour (Los Angeles Times, 11/3/97)

George Bush Presidential Library

52. Time Will Tell if Library’s Accurate on Bush (Houston Chronicle, 11/6/97)

53. George Bush, Ozymandias and Presidential Libraries (Shelby, NC Shelby Star, 1/11/97)

54. 19 Chinese Fellows to Join Program (Bryan-College Station Eagle, 11/15/97)


55. The Reliable Source (The Washington Post, 12/3/97)

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