News Clips - December 19, 1998

Washington D.C./ General Interest

1. Taking Electronic Records ‘Into Custody’ (The Washington Post, 12/13/97)

2. Union Wants Nixon Archives Job Vow on Paper (The Washington Post, 12/8/97)

3. Court Decision Puts NARA Advising on Hold (Federal Computer Week, 12/15/97)

4. Kitchen-Sink NARA Ruling Does Mean ‘Save it All’ (Federal Computer Week, 12/15/97)

5. DOD Shows Grit with Records Work (Federal Computer Week, 12/15/97)

6. Feds Seek Plu-and-Play to Capture and Save Data (Federal Computer Week, 12/15/97)

7. The Reliable Source (The Washington Post, 12/3/97)

8. Navy Records Destroyed in Mix-Up (AP, 11/20/97)

9. Cheers & Jeers (Patriot News, 11/22/97)

10. Archives Destroys National Records (Atlanta Journal, 11/20/97)

11. Records Destroyed (USA Today, 11/20/97)

12. New Faces (Federal Times, 11/24/97)

13. Crisis in Archival Video (Information Bulletin, November 1997)

14. Corralling Stampede of Proposed Amendments (The Washington Spectator, 11/15/97)

15. Sotheby’s Takes Work Tied to Nazi’s off Block (Boston Globe, 11/25/97)

16. All Recorded History (Insight, 12/1/97)

17. Some Firms Excel at Displaying the Art of the Law (The Washington Post, 11/24/97)

18. ‘Abuse of Power’ Captures a Paranoid Nixon (USA Today, 11/20/97)

19. Hang on to the Nixon Tapes (Battleboro Reformer, 11/19/97) Genealogy

20. Computer Can Help Family Tree Grow (Post and Courier, 11/17/97)

21. Glad You Asked (Patriot News, 11/22/97) Assassinations Records Review Board

22. Government Panel Releases Notes of Oswald’s Interrogator (New York Times, 11/21/97)

23. U.S. had scheme to Blame Castro if Glenn Crashed (Commercial Appeal, 11/19/97)

24. Pentagon Mulled Dirty Tricks to Humiliate Castro in 1960s (Staten Island Advance, 11/19/97) Regional Records Facilities

25. Toys for Tots Needs Help to Make Goal (Waltham, MA The News Tribune, 12/12/97) Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

26. Town Celebrates ‘An American Christmas,’ A Christmas Past’ (West Branch, IA Community News Advertiser, 12/3/97)

27. History Comes Alive in West Branch (Eastern Iowa Gazette, 12/6/97)

28. A Weekend to Celebrate (Iowa City Press, 12/8/97) Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

29. Harry Truman Documented (Grand Rapids Gazette, 12/10/97)

30. Renovation is Going on at the Truman Library (Des Moines Sunday Register, 10/19/97)

31. ‘47 Was Memorable Year for Truman as President (The Examiner, 12/13/97) Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

32. Visitors Find Full House of Presidents at Exhibit (Topeka KS, The Capital-Journal, 12/8/97) John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

33. John F. Kennedy Library Public Forums (Dorchester MA, Dorchester Reporter, 11/6/97) Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

34. Lyndon Johnson in Charge- And in His Own Words (Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/16/97) Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library

35. Practice Being President (Detroit Free Press, 11/10/97)

36. Move Over Thanksgiving, Christmas in on the Menu (Grand Valley Advance, 11/18/97)

37. Political Holiday (Grand Rapids Press, 11/18/97)

38. Vatican Treasures Coming to Ford Museum (Holland, MI, Holland Sentinel, 11/13/97) Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

39. Eastern Vistas at Carter Library (Guide to Georgia, December 1997)

40. A Worthwhile Sojourn Close by in Atlanta (The Daily Tribune News, 11/16/97) Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

41. 10am Museums (Los Angeles Times, 11/13/97) George Bush Presidential Library

42. Presidential Accolades (Dover, NH Foster’s Daily Democrat, 11/20/97)

43. Papers Galore Available in Bush Archives (Houston Chronicle, 11/16/97)

44. Bush Library (El Paso Times, 11/10/97)

45. Mark Russel (Sunday Republican, 1/9/97)

46. Citizens Need Bush Library (Palestine, TX Herald News, 11/12/97)

47. Drawing on the News (Long Island, Newsday, 11/14/97) Radio & Television

Amistad-Stacey Bredhoff was interviewed on Channel 4 local news on December 2, 1997, as well as, CBS Radio.

American Originals Press Preview- Pieces concerning this exhibit by Curator Stacey Bredhoff are expected to air this week on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, Local Channel 4 News, Bloomburg Radio and NPR’s All Things Considered.

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