News Clips - August-September 2000

    1. The Ultimate Archives (Federal Computer Week, 8/28/00)

    Charters of Freedom Re-encasement Project

    2. New Home For The 'Charters Of Freedom' (New York Times, 9/12/00)

    3. On Exhibit For We, The People (Washington Post, 9/16/00)

    4. Remarks By The President At Ground-breaking Ceremony For National Constitution Center (9/19/00)

    5. Liberty, Real Close (9/00-10/00)

    6. Top Picks At The Museums (Where Washington, 9/00)

    7. Defending The Constitution (Star Tribune, 9/20/00)

    8. Historic Papers Get New Display At National Archives (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/16/00)

    9. Constitution, Declaration, Bill of Rights Get New Homes (Knight-Ridder/Tribune, 9/16/00)

    10. Constitution's Second Page Shown At National Archives (Times Herald Record, 9/16/00)

    11. Constitutional Celebration (Washington Post, 9/15/00)

    12. National Archives Unveils Second Page Of Constitution (, 9/15/00)

    13. First Time in 12 Years, Page Two Of Constitution On Display (Scripps Howard, 9/15/00)

    14. UI Artisans Make Paper On Which National Heirlooms Will Rest (Gazette, 9/14/00)

    Nixon Presidential Materials
    18 Minute Gap

    15. What Rose Mary Woods Did, Archives Will Try To Undue (Star-Ledger, 9/22/00)

    16. Nixon Tapes-Early Show (NBC, 9/21/00)

    17. 18 Minute Gap-Evening News With Dan Rather (NBC, 9/21/00)

    18. Nixon Tape (NBC, 9/17/00)

    19. Nixon's Gap (Evansville Courier & Press, 8/31/00)

    20. Recovering The Nixon Tape Gap (Press Journal, 8/30/00)

    21. High-tech Hearing For Nixon Tape (Daily News, 8/23/00)

    22. A Chance To Fill In The Gap (Washington Post, 8/22/00)

    23. 18 Minutes And Then Some (Federal Computer Week, 8/21/00)

    24. Archivist Culls Records, Tapes To Protect Privacy And Assist Researchers (Washington Post, 8/16/00)

    25. Notorious Watergate Tape May Yield Secrets After All (San Jose Mercury News, 7/18/00)

    26. Watergate 'Gap' May Be Restored (Dayton Daily News, 7/18/00)

    27. Can New Technology Solve A Mystery On Nixon Tape? (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/18/00)

    28. Nixon Tape Gap Could Be Readable (San Fracisco Examiner, 7/17/00)

    29. He's Back: Nixon Tapes Offer Insights On Shah, World (, 7/9/00)

    30. Magnifier May Crack Crimes, Crashes (, 7/8/00)

    31. Tricky Tape Collection (Xavier, Summer 2000)

    NARA Records

    32. The Secret (Insurance) Agent Men (Los Angeles Times, 9/22/00)

    33. Protest Aired (Sunday Times-Sentinel, 9/10/00)

    34. CIA Says Nazi General Was Intelligence Source (UPI, 9/20/00)

    35. At The National Archives, A Hands-on Approach To History (Washington Post, 7/2/00)

    36. Policy Wong Gore Glories In Wallowing In The Details (Associated Press, 9/14/00)

    37. Gore Doesn't Say Much AS He Gets His Picture Taken At School (New York Times News Service, 9/14/00)

    38. Exhibit Brings Statehood Struggle To Life (Los Angeles Times, 9/12/00)

    39. Archives Clarifies Its E-Recordkeeping Plan (Federal Computer Week, 8/28/00/00)

    40. Another Angry Archivist (Washington Post, 8/1700)

    41. Declassified War Documents Solve Mysteries (Baltimore Sun, 7/30/00)

    42. The Capital's Case Of Slave Labor (Washington Post, 7/19/00)

    43. WWII Files Include Firsthand Stories From Both Sides (Baltimore Sun, 7/14/00)

    44. Churchill 'Could Have Saved Roman Jews From Death' (The Times, 6/27/00)


    45. Nixon Archivist (Washington Post, 7/17/00)

    Electronic Records Issues

    46. White House, You've Got Mail (Baltimore Sun, 9/6/00)

    47. The E-Sign Act (KM World, 9/00)

    48. Carlin's Case For Stickin' (Federal Computer Week, 8/14/00)

    49. Archives Predicts Deluge (Federal Computer Week, 7/10/00)

    NARA Web Site

    50. Site Finder And Links (PC Magazine, 10/3/00)

    51. Women's Suffrage (Technology & Learning, 9/00)

    52. Facts About Women In Politics And Government (Orange County Register, 8/27/00)

    53. 'Deep Throat' Identity Revealed (Dayton Daily News, 7/25/00)

    54. National Archives (Dallas Morning News, 7/4/00)

    55. Korean Conflict Info Available Online (Metro Herald, 6/22/00)

    Exhibits and Events

    56. In Washington, More Than The Postcard View (New York Times, 9/24/00)

    57. Remembering Slavery (Washington Sun, 9/7/00)

    58. Ending The Slave Trade In The District Of Columbia (Washington City Paper, 9/1/00)

    59. Lasting Impressions (QuickGuide Washington, DC, 8/00)

    60. Star-Spangled Angles (Where Washington, 7/00)

    61. Kids Learning America (Washington Parent, 7/00)


    62. Gateway To Generations Past (Sacramento Bee, 9/3/00)

    63. Genealogy Workshops Offered (Times Herald, 8/30/00)

    64. Genealogy: Writing Family History (Washington Sun, 7/10/00)

    Regional Archives

    65. Volunteers Fill In At Money-Strapped Agency (, 9/15/00)

    66. History At Your Fingertips (Atlanta Constitution, 9/7/00)

    67. Officials Hope Clayton Lands U.S. Archives (Atlanta Constitution, 9/7/00)

    68. Genealogists Enjoy Life In Past Lane In Laguna Niguel (Los Angeles Times, 8/22/00)

    69. National Archives Reopens Expanded Research Room (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 7/22/00)

    Presidential Libraries

    70. All The President's Papers (Mobile Register, 9/7/00)

    69. Walking The Transition Tightrope (Government Executive, 9/00)

    70. Presidential Library Numbers Game (Arkansas Times, 8/25/00)

    71. For The Record (Dallas Morning News, 8/23/00)

    72. Bush Archivist To Head Work On Clinton Files (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 8/17/00)

    73. Alsobrook Named To Project (The Eagle, 8/17/00)

    Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

    74. Campaigning In West Branch (Gazette, 9/9/00)

    75. Hoover Presidential Library-Museum Displaying Campaign Memorabilia (Time-Republican, 9/6/00)

    76. Wilder: From 'Little House' To Hoover Museum (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 9/5/00)

    77. Fun For The Family With The 'Ladies" At Hoover Museum (Gazette, 8/2/00)

    78. Hoover Museum Replays Family Night Events (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 6/29/00)

    Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

    79. Roosevelt (New Choices, 10/00)

    80. Social Security Turns 65 (Hyde Park Townsman, 8/10/00)

    81. ADA Celebration Unites Government And Advocates (Hyde Park Townsman, 8/3/00)

    Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

    82. Truman Library Sponsoring Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel In Kansas City Appearance (Examiner, 9/6/00)

    83. Truman Library To Close Months For Renovations (News-Leader, 9/3/00)

    84. 'Truman Places' Maps Trace Truman's Footsteps (Lee's Summit Tribune, 7/25/00)

    85. Hackman Does A Superb Job (Examiner, 7/18/00)

    Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

    86. Garfield Students Sign Constitution In Event Celebrating Anniversary (Abilene Reflector-Chronicle, 9/15/00)

    87. K-3 Teachers Use Original Sources At Eisenhower Library To Create Curriculum (Abilene Reflector-Chronicle, 7/8/00)

    88. Diplomats Include Abilene, Eisenhower Center On State Tour (Abilene Reflector-Chronicle, 6/1/00)

    John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

    89. Gems In The JFK Library (Brill's Content, 10/00)

    90. FDR's Policies Are Debated AT Sypmposium (Boston Sunday Globe, 9/17/00)

    91. New JFK Recordings Reveal Aftermath Of Missile Crisis (Boston Herald, 9/7/00)

    92. JFK Library Opens Files Detailing '60s Foreign Policy (Boston Herald, 8/24/00)

    93. Ambassador To Czech Republic Will Head Kennedy Library Foundation (Associated Press, 7/27/00)

    94. Senator Hilda Solis Receives Profile In Courage Award (JFK Library Newsletter, Summer 2000)

    Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

    95. Keeper Of The Legacy (Houston Chronicle, 9/24/00)

    96. The LBJ Gang Today (Texas Monthly, 8/00)

    97. Photos Of LBJ Added To Capitol Collection Of Notable Democrats (Houston Chronicle, 7/26/00)

    Gerald R. Ford Museum

    98. State Awards Largest Grant Of Region To Ford Museum (Grand Rapids Press, 9/1/00)

    99. Ford Museum Historian Shifts Role (Grand Rapids Press, 9/1/00)

    100. Heart And Hope (Grand Rapids Press, 8/17/00)

    Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

    101. Fox News: The O'Reilly Factor (Fox News, 8/10/00)

    Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

    102. Presidential Photo Display Featured At Simi Library (The Star, 9/30/00)

    103. Weekend Reagan Library Features Magazine Archival Exhibit (Thousand Oaks Acorn, 9/28/00)

    104. Nancy And Friends (Los Angeles Times, 9/22/00)

    105. British Colonists Battle Again (The Star, 9/17/00)

    106. Celebration Spoke To The Spirit Of The Reagan Library (The Star, 7/19/00)

    George Bush Presidential Library

    107. Tigers 'N Hogs (U.S. News & World Report, 9/18/00)

    108. Presidential Art Set To Tour Nation (New Jersey Herald, 9/12/00)

    109. Bush Library To Host Exhibit Featuring Bird Paintings (Battalion, 8/30/00)

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