News Clips - April 23, 1999

    NARA Records

    Charters Encasement Project

    1. Making a Federal Case to Protect Historical Documents (Engineering News-Record, 3/12/99)

    2. Saving Freedom's Words (St. Petersburg Times, 3/6/99)

    3. Preserving the Constitution (Daily Press, 3/18/99)

    4. Historic Papers to be Put in Protective Cases (New York Times, 3/18/99)

    5. Nation's Documents Face Perils (Bristol Press, 3/16/99)

    6. Better Preserving Priceless Papers (Times Union, 3/14/99)

    7. Importance of Paper Work (Denver Rocky Mountain News, 3/20/99)

    8. Writing Well Worth Preserving (Omaha World Herald, 3/22/99)

    9. Space-Age Technology Peeks at American History (Science Daily, 3/18/99)

    10 Precious Documents get Space-Age Displays (Times, 3/18/99)

    11. U.S.' Founding Documents get New Protective Cases (L.A. Times, 3/18/99)

    12. Coming up Today: Washington (Gainsville Sun, 3/17/99)

    13. Preserving America's Treasured History (Compton Bulletin, 3/10/99)


    14. Grants Soar as Foundations Grow in Number and Worth (The Washington Post, 4/18/99)

    15. Parisian Branch of British Bank Offered to turn Jews in During War (Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 3/29/99)

    16. Old Map Shows Explorer's Encampment (Oregonian, 3/20/99)

    17. World War II Veteran DeFrain Looking for Medals he Thinks he Deserves (Huron Daily Tribune, 3/19/99)

    18. Publishing all the Presidents' Talks (The Daily Progress, 3/17/99)

    19. PC Week's 1999 Fast-Track Technology Innovators (PC Week, 3/15/99)

    20. Campaigning a Money-Grabbing Event, Day In and Day Out (The Nixon Legacy) (Chicago Tribune, 3/14/99)

    21. Reports Aren't Taxing Reading (Jackson Citizen Patriot, 3/7/99

    Electronic Records Issues

    22. NARA Wants Archiving Plans in Place by 2002 (Government Computer News, 4/5/99)

    23. Feds Ordered to Store Computer Records (Government Executive Magazine, 3/31/99)

    24. Internet Will Solve the Data Storage Problem (Internet World, 3/22/99)

    25. Storage Vendors Enter Records Fray (Federal Computer Week, 3/22/99)

    26. Washington Insider: National Archives Making Plans to Expand Retention of Electronic Records (PS: Political Science & Politics, 3/99-4/99)

    Exhibits and Events

    27. 20th-Century Freeze Frame (Where Washington, 4/99)

    28. America's Story Told in Faces (The Daily Record, 3/21/99)

    29. American Captured in Her Magnificence in "Picturing the Century" (Metro Herald, 3/12/99)

    30. Cultural Events: Washington, DC (USA Today, 3/10/99)

    31. What's Happening During Black History Month (Black Meetings & Tourism, 2/99)

    NARA Web Site

    32. Web Sites Honor Women's History (Union-News, 3/22/99)

    33. Web is Great Place to Learn About Women's History (Times-Picayune, 3/18/99)

    34. Web Sites for Women's History Month (Morning Journal, 3/15/99)

    35. Weekly Web Watch: Celebrate National Women's History Month (Journal Register, 3/11/99)

    36. Surfing the Net With Your Kids: Women's Suffrage (San Diego Union-Tribune, 3/9/99)

    37. Web Site Has Local Interests (Marietta Times, 3/8/99)

    38. Education Department Extends Its Reach on the Internet (Education Week, 2/24/99)

    Genealogy/Regional Archives

    39. Roots Mania (Time Magazine, 4/19/99)

    40. Some Ancestors' Military Records not Honorable (News-Gazette, 3/20/99)

    41. Digital Imaging Captures Census (Kenosha News, 3/7/99)

    42. Presentations Reconstruct History of Naval Shipyard (The Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/11/99)

    43. Spring Seminar Planned for Alabama Genealogical Society (Birmingham News, 3/24/99)

    44. National Archives to Host Open House (Berkshire Eagle, 3/18/99)

    45. Genealogy Research (Daily Breeze, 3/17/99)

    46. National Archives in East Point is Excellent Source (Macon Telegraph, 3/14/99)

    Presidential Libraries

    47. Clinton Library Plan Under Way (Blade, 3/7/99)

    Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

    48. Presidential Celebrations (Des Moines Sunday Register, 3/14/99)

    Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

    49. Social Security Focus of Debate (Poughkeepsie Journal, 4/19/99)

    50. FDR Site Wants President to Visit to Kick Off Center (Poughkeepsie Journal, 4/5/99)

    51. Roosevelt Home Welcomes Back Freedom Awards (Poughkeepsie Journal, 4/3/99)

    52. Visitor Center Could Violate FDR Deed (Hyde Park Townsman, 4/1/99)

    53. FDR Library Hosting Early Marriage Exhibit (Poughkeepsie Journal, 3/16/99)

    54. Sweeney Pledges Aid to FDR Site (Poughkeepsie Journal, 3/14/99)

    55. Exhibit Pays Tribute to Roosevelt's Marriage (Sunday Record, 3/14/99)

    Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

    56. Town's Wild About Harry (New York Post, 3/16/99)

    57. Expanding East (Newsday, 3/13/99)

    58. Poland, Hungary and the Czechs Join NATO (New York Times, 3/13/99)

    John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

    59. In New England: Massachusetts (Sunday Enterprise, 3/21/99)

    60. John F. Kennedy Library to Host Hemingway Centennial (Taunton Daily Gazette, 3/16/99)

    61. Sen. Olympia Snowe Named to John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award Committee (Hellenic Chronicle, 3/17/99)

    62. JFK Library Hosts Hemingway Centennial (Day, 3/16/99)

    63. The Hemingway Century (Record, 3/12/99)

    Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

    64. For the Road: Pictures of a Lifetime (Texas Highways, 4/99)

    65. On the Brink of Scandal, LBJ Showed how to act very fast (Chicago Tribune, 3/28/99)

    66. Best Bets: Exhibits (Austin American-Statesman, 3/8/99)

    Gerald R. Ford Museum

    67. Grand Rapids Packages (Kalamazoo Gazette, 3/21/99)

    68. Lens Crafting (Grand Rapids Press, 3/21/99)

    69. Celebrating a Century Through Cultural Icons (Midwest Express, 3/99-4/99)

    Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

    70. International Events: Arab-Israeli Peace Process (Atlanta Constitution, 3/18/99)

    71. Presidential Privilege (Cornell Magazine, 3/99)

    Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

    72. To Review (Ventura County Sunday Star, 3/14/99)

    73. Familiar Faces at Library Taping (Daily News, 3/11/99)

    74. A Son Pens a Charming Paean to Ronald Reagan (L.A. Times, 3/10/99)

    75. Area Lawmakers Present 77 Bills (Simi Valley Star, 3/8/99)

    George Bush Presidential Library

    76. Bush Library Opening Big Hit in Texas, Here in Maine too (Maine Sunday Telegram, 3/21/99)

    77. As in the Port, Among Friends (York County Coast Star, 3/17/99)

    78. Texas Gets a Taste of Maine (York County Coast Star, 3/10/99)

    79. Bush ‘Beams' to UNE as Texas Exhibit Opens (Journal Tribune Weekend, 3/6/99)

    80. Smack in the Heart of Texas: Watch Us Grow! (Meetings & Conventions, 3/1/99)

    81. Presidential Presence (Texas Architect, 3/99)

    82. Bush Foundation Director Honored at Texas A&M (Bryan-College Station Eagle, 2/25/99)

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