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FAQs about the National Archives at Philadelphia’s upcoming move

We’re very much still in the planning stages, check back periodically for updates and/or check our Facebook page.

When will this happen?

We need to be completely out of the Market Street facility no later than September 30, 2014, the end of federal fiscal year 2014. The transfer of original records and related services will begin on May 8, 2014. The transfer of staff and other operations will follow. All public services at Market Street will end on July 31, 2014.

Where is the Townsend Road facility?

Townsend Road is in northeast Philadelphia, between Routes 95, 276 (Pennsylvania Turnpike, 1 (Roosevelt Boulevard) and 63 (Woodhaven Road). The facility address is 14700 Townsend Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154-1096. It is in the Byberry East Industrial Park.

The area has a bit of history - being the site of the former Byberry Hospital. See the article in the Encyclopedia of Philadelphia

How do I get there?

Car: Townsend Road is most easily accessible by car. It is just a few miles from the Woodhaven exit of Route 95, or the Philadelphia exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (Route 276).

Bus: Several SEPTA buses serve the Byberry East Industrial Park. #14 comes to facility entrance in the morning (until 9:00 am) and the later afternoon (3:00 p.m.). It does have alternate routes, so be sure to select the correct one. Other times, the nearest stop is on the Roosevelt Boulevard, about a 20 minute walk or you can arrange for a cab to get you between Roosevelt Boulevard and the facility.

Commuter train: Cornwells Heights (Trenton line) and Somerton (West Trenton line) are the closest stations on SEPTA’s regional rail system. You’ll need to arrange for a cab to get you between the station and the facility.

Please consult SEPTA’s website for the most current information on bus and train routes and schedules.

AMTRAK: Northeast Corridor trains occasionally stop at Cornwells Heights. Please check the AMTRAK website for the most current information.

Will there be any staff changes?


Will you have public access computers and self service microfilm at Townsend Road?

We do intend to have some public access computers. Microfilm will probably not be self-service. Our microfilm holdings will be pruned to essentials – those we need to make certified copies, and records that are only available on microfilm. The most used microfilm has been digitized, and is available on-line.

Will you have First Fridays and Wednesday Workshops?

Yes. We intend to continue the programming we currently offer, but how we offer them may change. For example, we may do more workshops off site, in partner facilities.

Will you do educational programming for middle and high school students?

Yes. As with our other programming, we intend to continue educational programming, but how we offer it may change. For example, we may do more workshops off site, in partner facilities or at schools.

Will you be doing exhibits on-site?

No. There is no gallery space at Townsend Road, so we won’t be able to present on site exhibits. However, we will explore possibilities for virtual exhibits.

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