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  • Entries span the dates of projects funded in that state since 1976.
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These Virgin Islands grants span 1989 - 2008.

Records Projects

Virgin Islands Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums, Charlotte Amalie, VI
$5,000 to reconstitute the state historical records advisory board. (RC10039)

Virgin Islands Historical Records Advisory Board, Charlotte Amalie, VI
$29,460 for a 15-month planning project to produce a strategic plan for the identification, preservation, and use of the historical records of the territory; to maintain an active board; and to develop a comprehensive understanding throughout the community of the importance of the territory's documentary heritage and the role of the Virgin Islands Board. (95-010)

Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources, Division of Libraries, Archives, and Museums, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, VI
$116,297 for a two-year project to develop a records management program in conjunction with the Territorial Archives. (93-055)

Virgin Islands Historical Records Advisory Board, Charlotte Amalie, VI
$8,350 for the board's travel and meeting expenses. Grant funds will be used to undertake assessment and planning activities over a three-year period. (89-099)

Subtotal (Records Projects) $ 159,107

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Publications Projects


Subtotal (Publications Projects) $ 0

TOTAL $154,107

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