Selected Comments from November's American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Survey

  • The photos and documents were a great surprise.
  • The website is awesome since I really love history.
  • What I liked about this website is all the primary sources it has and the way you can look them up. I also like how simple it is to understand the information about the topic.
  • Everything was free!!! I feel like I finally got to use my tax dollars!
  • Wealth of info on genealogy that I didn't know about.
  • The best thing is you are keeping history living and hopefully teaching us not to repeat the error's of the past, hopefully helping us learn to expand our collective knowledge rather than stifle our beliefs (learning rather than stagnating and closing our minds to where we have come from).
  • I was pleased to find clear images of the Constitution and Amendments and printer-friendly versions of the texts - As a home schooling mom, you are an invaluable resource! Thank you!
  • So much great information at my fingertips!
  • Just having so many documents available to us is great!
  • Website is quick in displaying photos, captions very concise, ability to see photos enlarged/full screen. I'll be back.
  • Easy to navigate to locate important Veteran information... Thank you very much!!
  • Just shocked at the amount of information that is available and free to look around. Awesome.
  • Great website layout: well-planned and easy to navigate and read.
  • This is so cool and it contributes to the ability of all citizens to learn our history.
  • I like the overall design -- it's appropriate to the content and aesthetically pleasing. Metrics Dashboard

November 1 - 30, 2013

Monthly Summary

  • 3,032,744 visits to (WebTrends)
  • 1,910,203 Unique Visitors (WebTrends)
  • 71.98% New Visitors (Google Analytics)
  • 28.02% Returning Visitors (Google Analytics)

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  • constitution
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  • gettysburg address
  • kennedy
  • census
  • founding fathers

Who our Website Visitors are

This is based on those who filled out the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey.

  • Veterans:   34%
  • Genealogists:   24%
  • Researchers:  14%
  • Educator or Student:  13%

What our Website Visitors are Looking for

This is based on those who filled out the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey.

  • Veterans' Service Records:   32%
  • Historical Documents:   28%
  • Genealogy or family history information:   18%
  • Online Electronic Records:   3%
  • Federal Register Publications:  2%
  • Events Information:  2%

Satisfaction Scores

We use the ACSI Customer Satisfaction Survey, which includes plain writing specific questions, to measure customer satisfaction.

In November, there were 430 respondents:

  • Satisfaction Score:   66 out of 100
  • Content Satisfaction Score:   76 out of 100

Customer satisfaction impacts visits:

  • Likelihood to Return:   75%
  • Recommend:   72%

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