Selected Comments from August's American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Survey

  • Layout is nice. And you tell people immediately you don't have census data there. Of course, this also tells me it's the main thing people are coming there for. So, it would seem logical, that providing it would be a great service
  • I did appreciate the sample visuals. Those helped me. Thank you
  • it is easy to use, the menus contain useful info about the images, you don't have to guess about the content, the material is beautifully organized, the program returns you to your search or list with no weird detours or delays - hank you! it was a pleasure
  • It covers a lot of ground for a lot of people of various interests. Metrics Dashboard

August 1 - 31, 2013

Monthly Summary

  • 2,098,820 visits to (WebTrends)
  • 1,545,645 Unique Visitors (WebTrends)
  • 69.17% New Visitors (Google Analytics)
  • 30.7 % Returning Visitors (Google Analytics)

Most Popular Topics on

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Most Popular Search Terms

This includes searches using external search engines as well as the search on, as reported by WebTrends

  • declaration of independence
  • us constitution
  • constitution
  • bill of rights
  • national archives
  • the constitution
  • federal holidays 2013
  • the declaration of independence

Who our Website Visitors are

This is based on those who filled out the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey.

  • Genealogists:   31%
  • Veterans:  27%
  • Researchers:  16%
  • Other:  13%
  • Educator or Student:  9%

What our Website Visitors are Looking for

This is based on those who filled out the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey.

  • Historical Documents:   26%
  • Veterans' Service Records:   25%
  • Genealogy or family history information:   24%
  • Online Electronic Records:   4%
  • Events Information: 3%

Satisfaction Scores

We use the ACSI Customer Satisfaction Survey, which includes plain writing specific questions, to measure customer satisfaction.

In August, there were 468 respondents:

  • Satisfaction Score:   67 out of 100
  • Content Satisfaction Score:   77 out of 100

Customer satisfaction impacts visits:

  • Likelihood to Return:   76%
  • Recommend:   73%

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