Selected Comments from the April American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Survey

The best thing on the website is?

  • Such a great selection of Ansel Adams portfolio.
  • Historical information about the beginnings of our government.
  • The digitized information made available for everyone, esp great for family genealogists.
  • I love all of the active-learning lesson plans tied to specific types of documents. What a great way to teach!
  • It helps veterans and their families.
  • Being able to download all the different types of blank US Census forms.
  • The sequential organization of the "Charters of Freedom" documents, and ease/speed of accessing.
  • It encourages the user to keep trying.
  • Easy to navigate!
  • I had a very specific purpose today (obtaining a copy of my military discharge papers)so my experience of the site is limited. But I thought the steps to get to the information I needed were very clear.
  • Historical documents and information relevant to family history.
  • Every time I visit this site I find something new, useful, and unexpected.
  • Clear language.
  • Clarity and organization of content.
  • Ease of search.
  • It is the first web site i have ever used that took me exactly where i needed to be.
  • Breadth of info and docs available Metrics Dashboard

April 1-30, 2015

Monthly Summary

  • 2,115,366 Users to (Google Analytics)
  • 2,775,556 Sessions on (Google Analytics)
  • 6,713,817 Page Views on (Google Analytics)
  • 68.9%   New Visitors (Google Analytics)
  • 31.1%   Returning Visitors (Google Analytics)

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PagePage ViewsUnique Page Views
Military Service Records Request 336,525 246,717
National Archives Home page 241,172 197,332
Constitution of the United States Transcript 220,737 182,157
Declaration of Independence Transcript 204,288 174,316
Constitution of the United States - Official 149,081 98,205
Veterans' Service Records 132,900 93,299
Research Our Records 124,018 88,288
Bill of Rights 110,074  71,084
Federal Holidays 100,283  95,757
Declaration of Independence 93,207  63,873
Search the Online Catalog 82,199  54,892
Military Record Requests Using Standard Form 180 (SF-180)  80,566  59,806
Bill of Rights Transcript  77,565  64,127
Constitution Amendments, 11-27 62,176 51,647
Civil War Photos 48,400 8,270

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  • declaration of independence
  • us constitution
  • constitution
  • national archives
  • bill of rights
  • civil rights act of 1964
  • the declaration of independence
  • 19th amendment
  • the constitution
  • nara
  • lewis and clark expedition
  • federal holidays
  • electoral college
  • 13th amendment
  • von trapp family
  • dd214
  • military records
  • zimmerman telegram
  • national archives and records administration

Who our Website Visitors are

This is based on those who filled out the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey.

  • Veterans:   36%
  • Genealogists:   26%
  • Researchers:   14%
  • Educator or Student:  11%
  • Other:   9%

What our Website Visitors are Looking for

This is based on those who filled out the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey.

  • Veterans' Service Records:   33%
  • Historical Documents:   22%
  • Genealogy or family history information:   18%
  • Other:   9%
  • Online Electronic Records:   5%

Satisfaction Scores

We use the ACSI Customer Satisfaction Survey, which includes plain writing specific questions, to measure customer satisfaction.

In April, there were 442 respondents:

Customer satisfaction impacts visits:

  • Likelihood to Return:   75%
  • Recommend:  72%

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