Selected Comments from the June American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Survey

The best thing on the website is?

  • Charters of Freedom! The reason why I log in daily, that page is one of my "home page" tabs. Somebody is always screaming "Unconstitutional," on television, so I look it up. Most of the time they are wrong.
  • Lesson Plans and Activities
  • The photos and captions.
  • I live far away from these resources and it is joy to be able to access them without extensive travel.
  • Military records for may dad and brother
  • The ease of requesting my ancestor's records with online payment.
  • I liked the way it was so easy to access initially.
  • Amazing volume of records.
  • It is free to research on without trial bases.
  • Images of art history.
  • The fact that everything I've found has been written in plain English, rather than legalese. Keep up the good work!
  • Gave me the information I needed clearly and quickly. Doesn't get much better than that!
  • Finding historical documents, being able to research without ruining the originals.
  • Clarity, readability, organization, good navigation
  • Easy to navigate, informative, public, lots of pictures.
  • Accuracy & precision of documentation Metrics Dashboard

June 1-30, 2015

Monthly Summary

  • 1,710,222 Users to (Google Analytics)
  • 2,250,663 Sessions on (Google Analytics)
  • 5,422,132 Page Views on (Google Analytics)
  • 70.3%   New Visitors (Google Analytics)
  • 29.7%   Returning Visitors (Google Analytics)

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PagePage ViewsUnique Page Views
Military Service Records Request 335,270 246,685
Constitution of the United States Transcript 207,656 170,279
National Archives Home page 204,226 169,898
Declaration of Independence Transcript 189,378 162,208
Federal Holidays 170,199  162,618
Veterans' Service Records 164,732 115,924
Research Our Records 136,918 95,880
Constitution of the United States - Official 100,601 64,181
Search the Online Catalog 86,600  55,415
Military Record Requests Using Standard Form 180 (SF-180) 83,702 62,407
Bill of Rights 74,883  47,943
Declaration of Independence 65,731  44,256
Bill of Rights Transcript  61,538  51,138
Constitution Amendments, 11-27 52,402 42,973
World War 2 Photos 45,762  9,473
Resources for Genealogists45,07732,572
Visit the National Archives Museum43,10233,065

Most Popular Search Terms

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  • declaration of independence
  • us constitution
  • national archives
  • constitution
  • bill of rights
  • united states constitution
  • federal holidays
  • the declaration of independence
  • 19th amendment
  • nara
  • the constitution
  • dd214
  • civil rights act of 1964
  • constitution of the united states
  • 13th amendment
  • military records
  • the us constitution

Who our Website Visitors are

This is based on those who filled out the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey.

  • Veterans:   39%
  • Genealogists:   27%
  • Researchers:   13%
  • Other:   11%
  • Educator or Student:  5%

What our Website Visitors are Looking for

This is based on those who filled out the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey.

  • Veterans' Service Records:   39%
  • Historical Documents:   19%
  • Genealogy or family history information:   19%
  • Other:   11%
  • Online Electronic Records:   3%

Satisfaction Scores

We use the ACSI Customer Satisfaction Survey, which includes plain writing specific questions, to measure customer satisfaction.

In June, there were 394 respondents:

Customer satisfaction impacts visits:

  • Likelihood to Return:   71%
  • Recommend:  68%

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