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Applicable Statutes

Criminal Statutes

  • Definitions
    18 U.S.C. 202.
  • Compensation to Members of Congress, officers, and others in matters affecting the Government
    18 U.S.C. 203.
  • Practice in United States Claims Court or the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit by Members of Congress
    18 U.S.C. 204.
  • Activities of officers and employees in claims against and other matters affecting the Government
    18 U.S.C. 205.
  • Exemption of retired officers of the uniformed services
    18 U.S.C. 206.
  • Restrictions on former officers, employees, and elected officials of the executive and legislative branches
    18 U.S.C. 207.
  • Acts affecting a personal financial interest
    18 U.S.C. 208.
  • Salary of Government officials and employees payable only by United States
    18 U.S.C. 209.
Procurement Integrity Act
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