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The National Archives' ethics program is administered by members of the Office of General Counsel staff. This section of the web site provides information concerning specific elements of our ethics program, including:

  • the financial disclosure process;
  • the approval process for certain kinds of outside employment, business, and professional activities;
  • the regulation of political activities of Federal employees;
  • the process by which the Office of General Counsel makes conflict-of-interest determinations regarding official travel that is reimbursed by non-Federal sources;
  • the statutes and regulations concerning ethical conduct;
  • contact information; and
  • additional ethics resources.

Financial Disclosure

The website contains OGE Form 450, as well as filing instructions and frequently asked questions.

The website contains OGE Form 278, as well as filing instructions, frequently asked questions, and a new filer’s guide to OGE Form 278.

Copies of NARA employees’ certified OGE Form 278 for calendar year 2012 may be obtained by completing the automated OGE Form 201, "Request to Inspect or Receive Copies of OGE Form 278/SF 278 Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Reports or Other Covered Records."

Outside Employment, Business, and Professional Activities

Political Activities of Federal Employees

The following web pages describe restrictions on political activities by Federal employees:

Reimbursed Travel

Conflict of Interest Checklist Authority: 41 C.F.R. § 304-1.5

Standard: "Payment from a non-Federal source shall not be accepted if the authorized agency official determines that acceptance under the circumstances would cause a reasonable person with knowledge of all the facts relevant to a particular case to question the integrity of agency programs or operations."

Statutes and Regulations Concerning Ethical Conduct

Conflict-of-Interest Statutes (18 U.S.C. §§ 201-09, 216)

Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch (5 C.F.R. pt. 2635)

Procurement Integrity (FAR § 3.104)

Ethics Program Contact Information

E-mail Address:

Office of General Counsel Ethics Contacts

Additional Resources

Office of General Counsel Ethics Library

United States Office of Government Ethics

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