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Norfolk Petitions, Name Index to Petitions ca. 1929-1942

Records of the U.S. District Court, District of Nebraska, Record Group 21

Note: This index includes naturalization records filed in the Norfolk, Nebraska, U.S. District Court, 1929-1942. To order a copy or obtain further information about one of the records listed here, please contact our reference staff.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date Birthplace/Country of Origin Remarks
Andresen Johannes 6/16/1937 German
Appel Sofie 6/7/1939 Germany Sister M. Herma Appel
Appel Wilhelmine 6/7/1939 Germany
Barone Teresa 6/6/1940 Italy
Becker Louie 6/6/1940 Russia
Berbensee Willy 6/5/1940 Germany
Binder Karl 1/22/1930 Germany
Bley Werner 6/4/1934 Germany
Boecker Catharina 6/13/1941 Germany
Boettcher Waldemar 6/6/1940 Russia
Bohne Ella 6/16/1937 Germany
Bouwman Theodora 6/11/1930 Holland
Brachmann Karl 6/11/1936 Germany
Brandt Willy 6/4/1934 Germany
Brandt Jr. John 6/16/1942 Germany
Burmester Elizabeth 6/15/1942 Germany
Burmester John 6/15/1942 Germany Certificate of Loyalty included
Busch Henry 6/15/1942 Russia
Buske Max 6/16/1937 German
Buss Anna 6/7/1940 Germany Born in USA
Cery Ethel 6/7/1939 Roumania Etel Lauda
Christiansen Anna 10/31/1930 Germany
Christiansen Wilhelm 10/31/1930 Germany
Clarke Annie 10/24/1935 Great Britain
Claus Henry 1/13/1931 Germany
Dangberg Friedericke 6/12/1941 Germany
Denke Rosina 6/16/1942 Russia
Dreesen Louise 6/7/1939 Germany Born in USA
Dumin August 8/1/1929 Germany
Dvorak Josephine 6/13/1941 Czechoslovakia
Engel Mathilda 6/12/1941 Germany
Ernesti Josef 6/5/1934 Germany
Fichtl Josef 6/6/1939 Czechoslovakia/Germany
Fiehn Karl 1/13/1931 Germany
Gehner Willy 6/12/1935 Germany
Geiger Karl 6/4/1940 Germany
Geiselhart Joseph 6/12/1941 Germany
Gerdes Heinrich 1/19/1933 Germany
Goebbert Charles 3/5/1931 Germany
Goeller Joseph 6/13/1941 Germany
Golter Gustav 6/11/1930 Germany
Grage Willy 6/13/1933 Germany
Grosskopf Hermann 5/23/1932 Germany
Grube Hans 6/13/1933 Germany
Gubert Jean 11/27/1934 Russia name also spelled John Hubert
Gugat Anna 6/15/1942 Germany
Hamling Christ 6/15/1942 Germany
Hammling Leo 6/14/1938 Germany
Hansen Sylvia 6/12/1935 American born in USA
Hanson William 10/23/1934 Germany
Harbeck Anna 6/15/1937 Germany known as Sister Mary Sebalda Harbeck
Harms George 6/16/1937 German
Hartman Erna 2/7/1933 Germany
Heinrich Hans 6/7/1939 Germany
Hendry Mary Ann 2/7/1933 Scotland
Henriksen Carl 6/6/1939 Denmark
Hirsh Charles 6/13/1933 Czechoslavakia
Hoffman Paul 6/16/1942 Czechoslovakia
Hradec Joe 6/12/1935 Czechoslavakia
Huegel Theresia 6/6/1939 Germany Sister Flavina Huegel
Hunsinger August 1/21/1930 Germany
Huth Charles 6/13/1941 Germany
Irschik Frederick 6/14/1938 Austria & Germany born in Czechoslovakia
Ivanetich Katharina 6/12/1941 Austria/Yugoslovia
Jager Gotthilf 6/11/1936 Germany
Jager Herman 6/16/1937 German
Janning Henry 1/13/1931 Germany
Janssen Gesche 3/1/1934 Germany
Jensen Lars 6/13/1941 Denmark
Johanson Nels 6/4/1940 Sweden
Johnson Elof 1/13/1931 Sweden
Johnson James 3/5/1931 Great Britain
Johnson Matilda 6/16/1942 Sweden
Jones Ben 6/11/1936 Sweden
Jones Morgan 6/12/1935 Great Britain
Jones Mrs. Bloden 4/15/1933 Wales
Jones Sydna 6/12/1936 Great Britain Welsh
Kafitz Humphrey 6/6/1939 Germany
Kastrup Arne 6/5/1934 Denmark
Klindt Greta 6/17/1931 Germany
Kluender Frank 6/11/1936 Germany
Kraeutle Ursula 6/12/1941 Germany known as Sister Ursula Rosamunda Kraeutle
Krueger Ferdinand 1/11/1935 Russia
Krueger Robert 6/6/1939 Russia
Kruse Hilda 6/17/1942 Germany
Kubes Frank 10/31/1930 Czechoslovakia
Kubes Kristina 6/15/1942 Czechoslovakia
Kuhl Heinrich 6/12/1941 Germany
Kves Frank 6/7/1939 Czechoslovakia
Larsen Einer 6/14/1938 Denmark
Larson Paul 10/23/1934 Denmark
LeRay Thomas 6/12/1936 Great Britain born in Germany, list race as French
Lemke Fritz 6/16/1932 Germany
Lich Jacob 6/13/1941 Russian
Linhart Dora 6/12/1936 Germany
Lowin Auguste 6/15/1937 German
Lueders Johanna 2/7/1933 Holland
Machalek Geroge 6/5/1940 Czechoslovakia
Mahnke Bernhard 6/13/1933 Germany
Malm Victor 6/5/1940 Sweden
Marxer Rosina 6/17/1942 Germany known as Sister Wigberta
McPherson Duncan 6/13/1933 Scotland/Canadian
McShannon Duncan 6/17/1942 Scotland
Menger Adolf 6/12/1941 Germany
Meyer Ludwig 6/11/1936 Germany
Mohfeld Otto 6/7/1939 Germany
Monson Pete 6/6/1940 Sweden
Myhre George 4/15/1932 Norway
Nelson Ador 6/15/1937 Sweden last name formerly Nilsson
Nelson Alfred 6/11/1936 Sweden
Neumayer Notburga 6/15/1937 Germany Sister Constantine
Nielsen Niels 6/16/1937 Demark
Nielsen Rudolph 6/15/1942 Germany
Nielson Karl 6/6/1939 Denmark
Nilsson Axel 1/22/1930 Sweden
Nisker Zelig 6/6/1940 Poland
Novotny Josef 6/4/1940 Czechoslovakia
Nuesch Meinrad 6/15/1937 Switzerland
Nuesh Berta 6/15/1937 Switzerland
Olsen Hilma 6/15/1942 Sweden
Olson Esther 6/12/1941 Sweden
Oppliger Jakob 6/11/1936 Switzerland
Ortlib Albert 6/11/1936 Russia
Pedersen Rena 6/15/1937 Denmark
Pehrson Hilma 6/13/1941 Sweden
Peterson Chris 6/13/1941 Denmark
Polt Louise 6/12/1936 Austria
Poske William 6/4/1940 Germany Petition Denied at request of petitioner; also called Willy Poske
Pospisil Jakub 6/6/1939 Czechoslovakia
Post George 6/12/1935 Germany
Proch Alexander 10/31/1930 Poland
Proch Luise 6/15/1942 Germany
Prochaska Stepan 6/15/1942 Czechoslovakia
Rakowski Teofil 6/6/1940 Poland
Roehe Thomas 6/16/1932 Germany cancelled per court order 10/30/1939
Roehlk Werner 1/21/1930 Germany
Rogat Max 6/11/1936 Germany
Roman George 2/7/1933 Germany
Ruebig Herman 6/11/1936 Germany
Saegebarth Rudolf 6/7/1939 Germany
Sauer Ferdinand 6/6/1939 Germany
Schmitz August 6/16/1942 Germany
Schnoor Ella 6/16/1937 German
Schoof Josephine 6/11/1936 Germany
Schowalter Barbara 6/17/1942 Germany
Schreiber John 6/13/1941 Russia
Schultz Reinhold 2/7/1933 Germany
Schwede Emilie 6/15/1937 German last name also Sellin
Sery Frank 1/13/1931 Czechoslovakia
Shindler Margarete 1/21/1930 Germany
Sievers John 6/16/1937 Germany
Smutny Prokop 6/4/1940 Germany lists both Austria and Germany as birthplace
Somr Anton 6/6/1939 Germany
Sorenson Peter 3/11/1936 Denmark
Splinter Lina 6/12/1941 Germany
Stahl Robert 6/15/1942 Russia
Starmann Paula 6/6/1940 Germany
Steeples Richard 6/14/1938 England
Stepan Vaclay 6/12/1941 Czechoslovakia
Steube Hermann 6/17/1931 Germany
Strahm Lisette 6/12/1941 Switzerland
Stuebrk Hans 6/4/1940 Germany
Sutter Arnold 6/5/1934 Germany
Svitak Marie 6/12/1941 Czechoslovakia
Szostek Franz 6/5/1940 Poland
Tews Bertha 6/15/1942 Germany
Thiede Hermann 1/13/1931 Germany
Thiele Georg 6/15/1942 Germany
Timm Martin 6/6/1939 Germany
Tinius Paul 6/6/1939 Germany
Tranos William 6/12/1935 Greece
Ueckermann Bertha 6/16/1942 Germany
Unrath Carl 1/13/1931 Germany
Volse Mary 6/15/1937 Czechoslovakia
Waechter Johanne 6/15/1942 Denmark
Wagner Francis 2/10/1932 Luxembourg Born in Argentina
Wagner John 6/7/1939 Russia
Warrelman John 6/12/1941 Germany
Weber Heinrich 6/18/1931 Germany
Weber Theodore 6/4/1940 Germany
Weible Christian 4/15/1932 Germany
Wiebelhaus Joseph 6/6/1939 Germany
Winkler Theresa 6/14/1938 Germany
Youngquist Alma 6/16/1942 Sweden
Zeusler Johannes 6/6/1940 Russia known as John Henry Zeissler
van Duinen William 6/16/1942 Netherlands
Johanson Gustaf Adolf 2/1/1934 Sweden
Kuhl Max Adolf 2/11/1932 Germany
Janecek Frank Adolph 10/23/1934 Germany
Schroeter Gustav Adolph Andrevisch 6/5/1940 Russia
Sauer Anna Agnes Elizabeth 6/16/1942 Germany
DeLaere Joseph Aimee 6/7/1939 Belgium
Blocher John Albert 6/16/1937 German
Pegues Hooper Alexander 5/11/1938 Great Britain born in USA
Rosberg Nels Alfred 10/23/1934 Sweden
Samuelson Carl Alfred 6/15/1942 Sweden
Sarha Mohammed Ally 6/12/1936 Syria
Krutina Emilie Amalie 6/16/1942 Czechoslovakia
Carstensen Carsten Andreas 5/26/1936 Germany
Lilledahl Ole Andrew 6/13/1933 Norway petition denied
Nielsen Aage Ankjar 1/13/1931 Denmark
Williams Catherine Ann 6/15/1937 Great Britain
Frank Maria Anna 6/15/1937 Germany Sister Anna Virtunia Frank
Wiebelhaus Maria Anna 6/6/1939 Germany
Friess Fredrick Anthony 6/6/1940 Italy
Malmstrom Karl Anton 4/15/1932 Sweden
Quaas Erwin Arno 1/13/1931 Germany
Dehaes John Baptist 6/5/1940 Belgium
Harrison Mary Leona Beatrice 6/7/1939 Canada Sister M. Bernadette Harrison
Crawford Bertha Belle 3/4/1931 Great Britain Born in USA
Michels Reinhard Bernhard 4/15/1932 Germany
Tanner Lillian Bessie 6/6/1939 England
Jensen Johannes Black 1/13/1931 Denmark
Draghu Mike Bruce 3/14/1938 Romania born in Austria
Julke Ernest Carl 2/11/1932 Germany
Micklich Fritz Carl 2/11/1932 Germany
Hague Francis Charles 6/5/1940 Scotland
Westerhaus Anna Charlotte 6/15/1942 Germany
Graverholt Hans Chris Jensen 6/11/1930 Denmark
Dreeson Carl Christian 6/7/1940 Germany
Dittmann Marie Christine 6/7/1939 Germany
Nielson Erik Christoffer 6/16/1932 Denmark name also spelled Eric Christopher on petition
Morris Marjorie Clarissa 6/6/1940 England
Dreeson Maude Corbin 6/7/1940 Germany
Gorbachik John Daniel 2/11/1932 Russia Born in Poland
Larson Cora Dawes 6/12/1935 American/Ireland born in USA
Langenberg Anna Dorthea 10/23/1934 Germany
Egts Hinrich Eden 6/5/1934 Germany
Gaek Emil Edmund 6/5/1934 Germany
Klindt Gustav Edvard 8/7/1930 Germany
Strobel Curt Edward 6/4/1934 Germany
Silhacek Lydia Elaine 6/13/1941 Russia
Nielsen Agnes Eli 6/11/1930 Denmark
Scheer Charlotte Elisabeth 6/12/1941 Germany
Johansson Axel Emanuel 1/21/1930 Sweden
Nelson Hulda Emelia 6/14/1938 Sweden
Anderson Gustav Emil 6/5/1934 Sweden
Irving Florence Emma 2/10/1932 Great Britain
Hemmingsen Nels Erhardt Henry 2/11/1932 Denmark
Johnson David Erik 1/21/1930 Sweden
Richter Edmund Ernst 6/5/1934 Germany
Roehlk Erwin Ernst 6/13/1933 Germany
Gramberg John Ernst Gerhard 6/15/1937 Germany
Nikl Josef Frank 6/15/1942 Czechoslovakia
Volse Joe Frank 2/10/1932 Czechoslovakia
Bohne Karl Fred 6/16/1937 Germany
Wipperling August Frederick 1/13/1931 Germany Denied: failure to appear
Madsen Christian Frederik 6/13/1941 Denmark
Kuhnle Gotthilf Fredrich 6/4/1934 Germany
Schroeder Carl Fredrich Wilhelm 1/13/1931 Germany
Hansen Nels Fredrick 6/16/1942 Denmark
Carpenter Ellen Fredrika 6/17/1942 Sweden
Kumm Elsa Frieda Buske 6/7/1939 Germany
Anding Johann Friedrich 6/5/1940 Germany
Herber Johann Georg 6/7/1939 Russia
Allvin Gustav Gereon 6/12/1935 Sweden
Stuhr Paul Gerhard 1/22/1930 Germany
Hague Minnie Gilchrist 6/5/1940 Scotland
Schnittker Ferdinand Gustav 6/17/1942 Canada
Landberg Swan Gustav Erik 6/11/1930 Sweden
Kirchhoff Julius H 6/6/1940 Germany
Bergquist Gurlie Hannah Emilia 1/13/1931 Sweden
Janssen Jann Harms 3/1/1934 Germany
Ahrens Gustav Heinrich 6/17/1931 Germany
Fick Hans Henry 6/16/1942 Germany
Ronnfeldt John Henry 6/4/1940 Germany
Schultz Emil Herman 6/16/1942 Germany
Sedlaczek Alfred Herman 2/10/1932 Germany
Jones Elofin Hildegard 6/11/1936 Sweden
Astrand Sigurd Hjalmar 6/5/1940 Sweden
Dye Homer Howard 6/13/1933 Ireland
Bahr Freida Ida Augusta 6/7/1939 Germany
Bennie Olive Isabella 6/12/1941 Canada
Wagner George Jacob 6/16/1942 Russia
Massey William John 6/7/1939 Canada
Moser Charles John 1/13/1931 Germany
Schnoor Richard John 6/15/1937 German
Strmiska George Joseph 6/5/1940 Czechoslovakia
Jorgensen Rasmus Julius 6/5/1940 Denmark
Klindt Richard Julius 1/22/1930 Germany
Landberg Svante Karl Olof 6/11/1930 Sweden
Arp Anna Katharina 6/15/1937 German
Sorensen Elsie Katherine 6/11/1936 Denmark
Steffen Dorothea Katherine Elizabeth 6/7/1939 Germany
Herman Henry Kleybocker 6/14/1938 Germany
Krause Katarina Kraning 6/16/1942 Russian
Laursen Peter Kristian 6/12/1941 Denmark
Geyer Franz L 6/13/1941 Germany
Skalowsky Reisel Lande 6/7/1939 Russia
Ovstebo Wilhelm Larsen 6/4/1940 Norway
Vester Karla Laurine Kirstine 6/5/1934 Denmark
Johnson Carl Levin 3/24/1938 Sweden
Chleboun Sucha Lhota 6/15/1937 Czechoslovakia
Nielsen Harald Ludvig 6/11/1930 Denmark
Nitz Helen Mable 6/17/1942 Russia
Andreasen Carl Magnus 6/15/1942 Denmark
Micklich Frida Mahnke 2/11/1932 Germany
Busch Anna Margaret 6/15/1942 Russia
Blank Martha Margaret Mari 6/13/1941 Germany
Geyer Louise Marie 6/17/1942 Germany
Oppliger Anna Marie 6/16/1942 Switzerland
Schlunsen Catherine Marie 6/13/1941 Germany
Tranos Leta Marie 6/12/1935 American/German born in USA
Binder Martha Marie Wilhelmine 6/13/1941 Germany
Madsen Carl Marius 6/12/1941 Denmark
Unseld Marie Martha 6/17/1942 Germany
Roe Charles Martin 6/16/1942 Canada
Julke Anna Matilde 6/5/1940 Germany
Rudolph Fritz Max 6/12/1941 Germany
Wallschlager Marie Mina 6/16/1942 Germany
Jensen Jens Neilsen 6/13/1941 Denmark
Keromitis Georgios Nicolaos 3/4/1931 Greece
Ludvigsen Knud Nielson 6/13/1933 Denmark
Gerdes Johanna Nikoline 6/12/1941 Germany
Rasmussen I. Olivia 6/18/1931 Denmark
Bergman Carl Oscar 6/17/1942 Sweden
Guppner Alfred Oswald 6/12/1941 Germany
Nelson Otto Palmin 6/16/1942 Sweden
Long Helene Pauline 6/16/1942 Germany
Nuss Anna Pauline 6/6/1940 Germany
Panneberg Bernhard Peter 6/18/1931 Germany Denied: absence
Graae Niels Peter Viggo 6/14/1938 Denmark
Kvols Marie Petrine 1/21/1930 Denmark
Oakeson Ove Ragner 6/15/1942 Sweden
Benson Bertha Rama 6/5/1934 Finland
Carlson Albin Richard 6/17/1942 Sweden
Moeller Henry Richard 6/11/1936 Germany first name also spelled Heinrich
Nilsson Berndt Rickard Leonard 1/13/1931 Sweden
Stulcke Richard Rinhold 6/5/1940 Germany
Beaton Angus Robert 6/11/1936 Canada
Boubin Anna Rose 6/12/1941 Czechoslovakia
Launsby Hans Rudolf 6/14/1938 Denmark
Helms Johann Rudolph 3/5/1931 Germany
Bruero Ole Severin Engelson 4/15/1932 Norway
Mikulski Rev. George Simon 6/6/1940 Lithuania
Schreiber Lena Marie Sophia 6/7/1940 Canada
Steffen Emil Sophus 6/7/1940 Germany
Lefden Ivar Valdemar 6/12/1935 Sweden
Johansson Lotten Victoria 1/21/1930 Sweden
Crawford Melville Vincent 1/13/1931 Canada
Zerr Peter W 6/6/1940 Canada
Rennerfeldt Nils Walfred 6/13/1941 Sweden
Dierks Johann Wilhelm 6/11/1930 Germany
Hoestje Johann Wilhelm 6/5/1940 Germany
Sarha Alice Wilhelmina 6/15/1936 Syria born in USA
Brueckner Fredrick William 6/12/1936 Great Britain
Clarke Albert William 10/24/1935 Great Britain lost US citizenship 4/3/1957
Irving George William 2/10/1932 Great Britain
Janssen George Willian 6/17/1942 Germany

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