Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO)

ISOO's Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

Our Mission:

We support the President by ensuring that the Government protects and provides proper access to information to advance the national and public interest. We lead efforts to standardize and assess the management of classified and controlled unclassified information through oversight, policy development, guidance, education, and reporting.

Our Vision:

  • A Government whose information is properly shared, protected, and managed to serve the national interest.

  • An informed American public that has trust in its Government.

Our Values:

Our performance is guided by integrity, collective expertise, and leadership. We value our contribution to national security, public trust, and meeting constituent needs.

Enabling Values Institutional Values
Integrity:   We act in accordance with the highest standards of conduct. We are honest, transparent, and accountable in our efforts to protect national security and the public interest.

National Security:   We advance national security by ensuring the proper classification, safeguarding, sharing, and declassification of information pertaining to national defense or foreign of the United States
Collective Expertise:   Our success depends on the expertise of our team. We value and respect the knowledge and skills that each of us brings to our work and collaborate to achieve our mission and goals.

Public Trust:   We strive to uphold the public's confidence in open, effective government by assessing and improving programs intended to protect, share, and release information.
Leadership:   We enable, motivate, and inspire each other and the executive branch to properly safeguard and provide access to U.S. Government information. Constituent Needs:   We value the input of our partners and are committed to advising, assisting, and advocating for the American public; federal, state, local, and tribal governments; industry; and private sector entities.

Our Goals:

  1. Promote programs for protection of classified and controlled unclassified information.

  2. Reduce classification and control activity to the minimum necessary.

  3. Ensure that the systems for declassification and decontrol operate as required.

  4. Provide expert advice and guidance to constituents.
  5. Collect, analyze, and report valid information about the status of agency programs.

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