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FOIA Requests for NARA Operational Records

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To track your request, search the list for the tracking number provided in our acknowledgement letter (e.g., NGC10-123). If you did not receive an acknowledgement letter or you are otherwise unable to find your request, please contact the NARA FOIA Officer by phone at 301-837-3642 or by e-mail at

FOIA Number: The tracking number assigned to your FOIA request. The number may vary depending on the office that is processing your request. Refer to your acknowledgement letter to determine the tracking number assigned to your request.

Receipt Date: The day on which your FOIA request was received by the NARA office responsible for processing your request.

Declassification Review: If "Yes," the records you requested have been sent to another agency for a declassification review. Our response to your FOIA request may be delayed because NARA cannot control the processing time for declassification reviews by other agencies.

FOIA Number Receipt Date Declassification Review?
NGC13-235 2013/08/07 Yes
NGC15-036 2014/11/18 Yes
NGC15-037 2014/11/18 Yes
NGC15-038 2014/11/18 Yes
NGC15-039 2014/11/18 Yes
NGC15-041 2014/11/18 Yes
NGC15-052 2014/11/26 Yes
NGC15-053 2014/11/26 Yes
NGC15-054 2014/11/26 Yes
NGC15-055 2014/11/26 Yes
NGC15-065 2014/12/15 Yes
NGC15-077 2015/01/12
NGC15-098 2015/02/09
NGC15-108 2015/03/03
NGC15-116 2015/03/09
NGC15-117 2015/03/09
NGC15-119 2015/03/10
NGC15-124 2015/03/18
NGC15-125 2015/03/12
NGC15-126 2015/03/16
NGC15-127 2015/03/16
NGC15-128 2015/03/17
NGC15-129 2015/03/17
NGC15-130 2015/03/17
NGC15-136 2015/03/11
NGC15-137 2015/03/12
NGC15-138 2015/03/16
NGC15-139 2015/03/16
NGC15-140 2015/03/16
NGC15-141 2015/03/16
NGC15-142 2015/03/17
NGC15-143 2015/03/17
NGC15-144 2015/03/18
NGC15-145 2015/03/18
NGC15-146 2015/03/20
NGC15-147 2015/03/23
NGC15-148 2015/03/23
NGC15-149 2015/03/23
NGC15-151 2015/03/24
NGC15-152 2015/03/26
NGC15-153 2015/03/26
NGC15-154 2015/03/30
NGC15-155 2015/03/30
NGC15-156 2015/03/30
NGC15-157 2015/03/31
NGC15-158 2015/03/31
NGC15-159 2015/03/30
NGC15-160 2015/03/31
NGC15-161 2015/03/31
NGC15-162 2015/03/24
NGC15-163 2015/04/01
NGC15-164 2015/04/01
NGC15-165 2015/04/01
NGC15-166 2015/04/01

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