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SYSTEM NAME: Workers' Compensation Case Files.

SYSTEM LOCATION: Workers compensation case files are located in the Office of Human Capital, and in the administrative offices of facilities nationwide.

CATEGORIES OF INDIVIDUALS COVERED BY THE SYSTEM: Individuals covered by this system include NARA employees and former employees who have reported work-related injuries or other occupational health problems on forms CA-1 or CA-2, or the equivalent.

CATEGORIES OF RECORDS IN THE SYSTEM: Workers' compensation case files may include: accident reports, including CA-1 & 2, Federal Employees Notice of Injury or Occupational Disease, CA-4, Claims For Compensation for Injury or Occupation Disease, and CA-8, Claims for Continuance of Compensation on Account of Disability; time and attendance reports; and medical reports from physicians and other health care professionals. These files may contain some or all of the following information about an individual: Name; address; email address; correspondence symbol; telephone number; occupation; birth date; names of supervisors and witnesses; and medical information related to work-related accidents or other occupational health problems.


ROUTINE USES OF RECORDS MAINTAINED IN THE SYSTEM, INCLUDING CATEGORIES OF USERS AND THE PURPOSES OF SUCH USES: NARA maintains workers' compensation case files on individuals in order to identify and record information about those NARA employees who have sustained injuries or reported other occupational health problems, and to facilitate the preparation of statistical and other reports regarding work-related injuries or other occupational health problems. NARA may disclose information in the files to a Federal, state, or local public health service agency information in the files that concerns individuals who have contracted certain communicable diseases or conditions. NARA may disclose information in the files to the Department of Labor for purposes of administering the workers' compensation program. NARA may disclose information in the files to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for the purposes of monitoring workplace health and safety issues. The routine use statements A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H, described in Appendix A also apply to this system of records.


STORAGE: Paper and electronic records.

RETRIEVABILITY: Information in workers' compensation case files may be retrieved by the individual's name or by other information contained within the file.

SAFEGUARDS: During business hours, paper records are maintained in areas accessible only to authorized NARA personnel. Electronic records are accessible via password-protected workstations located in attended offices or through a secure remote access network. After business hours, buildings have security guards and/or secured doors, and all entrances are monitored by electronic surveillance equipment.

RETENTION AND DISPOSAL: Workers' compensation case files are temporary records and are destroyed in accordance with the disposition instructions in the NARA Records Schedule (a supplement to the NARA Files Maintenance and Records Disposition Manual). Individuals may request a copy of the disposition instructions from the NARA Privacy Act Officer.

SYSTEM MANAGER(S) AND ADDRESS: The system manager is the Chief Human Capital Officer. The business address for this system manager is listed in Appendix B.

NOTIFICATION PROCEDURE: People interested in inquiring about their records should notify the NARA Privacy Act Officer at the address listed in Appendix B.

RECORD ACCESS PROCEDURES: People who wish to access their records should submit a request in writing to the NARA Privacy Act Officer at the address listed in Appendix B.

CONTESTING RECORD PROCEDURES: NARA rules for contesting the contents of a person's records and appealing initial determinations are found in 36 CFR part 1202.

RECORD SOURCE CATEGORIES: Information in workers' compensation case files may be obtained from: Individuals to whom the records pertain; NARA supervisors; NARA personnel specialists; physicians; others providing health care services; and the Department of Labor.

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