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Withdrawing a Federal Register Document On Public Inspection, but Not Yet Published

To withdraw a document that has been filed for public inspection, but not yet published in the Federal Register, the agency that issued the document must submit a letter, as shown in the sample below, to the Office of the Federal Register. We will not withdraw the document until we receive this letter.

When we receive this letter, we time-stamp it and place it on public inspection with the document it withdraws. The document and letter remain on inspection until the end of the day on which the document was originally scheduled to publish. The Office of the Federal Register retains both the original document and the letter of withdrawal.

For more information about withdrawing Federal Register documents, see the Federal Register Document Drafting Handbook especially:


January XX, 2001
Charley Barth, Director
Office of the Federal Register (F)
The National Archives and Records Administration
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001

Dear Mr. Barth:

Please withdraw from publication the [RULE, PROPOSED RULE, OR NOTICE] concerning INSERT SUBJECT (including agency docket number, and, for rules and proposed rules, RIN number)] which is currently on public inspection and scheduled to publish in the Federal Register on [INSERT DATE].



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