Electronic Records Archives (ERA)

Current ERA Development Activities

The ERA program follows an incremental development path. We are currently working on Increment 3 and are concentrating on the following areas:

Nationwide Implementation
During FY2010, NARA will expand the use of ERA to approximately 30 Federal Agencies. After this pilot, NARA expects to open ERA to wider use as soon as technically possible. Currently, the ERA PMO is concentrating on producing and providing the Training materials for use by these initial Federal Agency Pilot Users.

Vital to NARA’s fulfillment of its mission into the future, the long-term preservation of authentic electronic records is probably the single greatest challenge to be addressed by ERA. No single technique or strategy now known will suffice for the entire spectrum of record types anticipated to come to NARA. Therefore, a robust and flexible framework for preservation and access capabilities is being developed to ensure that the ERA system will provide the means for NARA, the U.S. government, and the American people to continue to access the records which document the activities of the national government.

Public Access
Currently, public access to NARA holdings is through the Online Catalog. Expected sometime in 2010 is a prototype public access instance of ERA, which replicates the information from the online catalog into ERA. This work represents the first steps towards creating a gateway through which the public will be able to use ERA to find information about records, and access or acquire copies of electronic records stored in the system.

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