Migration in History
Ideas from the National Archives for NHD 1998

Examples of digitized images and documents related to the 1998 National History Day theme.

Immigrants Waiting to Dock at Ellis IslandThe National Archives' Online Catalog can be searched for digitized images and documents that may be helpful for National History Day research on Migration in History.

The following examples are just a few of the digitized images found by conducting ARC searches with the words migration, naturalization, maps, railroads, and roads.

A family poses with the wagon in which they live and travel daily during their pursuit of a homestead, 1886.

Artworks by Negro Artists--Jacob Lawrence, painter (b. 1917) - Harmon Foundation, Artworks and Art Activities.
During World War I, there was a great migration north by southern Negroes.
(National Archives Identifier: 559091)

Covered wagon with jackrabbit mules encounters an automobile on the trail near Big Springs, Nebraska.
By A. L. Westgard, 1912.
(National Archives Identifier: 513358)

Map of Public Surveys in Colorado Territory, 1866.

Chiricahua Apache prisoners, including Geronimo (first row, third from right), seated on an embankment outside their railroad car, Arizona, 1886.
(National Archives Identifier: 530797)

Joining the tracks for the first transcontinental railroad, Promontory, Utah, Territory, 1869.
(National Archives Identifier: 513341)

Poster circulated in Philadelphia in 1839 to discourage the coming of the railroad.
(National Archives Identifier: 513347)

"Frank E. Webner, pony express rider~," ca. 1861.
(National Archives Identifier: 513351)

Annual Report from the Union Pacific Railroad Company announcing the connection of its rails with those of the Central Pacific Railroad, 1869.
This sample document is the 1869 annual report of the Union Pacific Railroad Company. In the report the company announces the connection of its rails with those of Central Pacific Railroad Company.

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Case File for Virgil Earp, Prescott, Arizona (1870-1905).

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Case File for Charles P. Ingalls, father of Laura Ingalls Wilder (1880-1907).

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Note: The above image is of immigrants on a ferryboat near Ellis Island in New York Harbor in the early 1920s, Records of the Public Health Service, 1912-1968]. This image and the others referred to on this page are available from the Still Pictures Branch or the Cartographic and Architectural Branch at the National Archives at College Park, MD.

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