National Archives at Chicago

Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, (Record Group 75) held in NARA's Great Lakes Region (Chicago, IL)

White Earth Agency, White Earth, Minnesota

Letters Received from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1878-1879
Registers of Letters Received from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1892-1908, 1913-1920
Correspondence, 1885-1922
Copies of Letters Received from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1908-1914
Letters Sent to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1885-1914
Letters Sent to the U. S. District Attorney at St. Paul, 1907-1908
Letters Sent to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs
      Concerning Sales of Inherited Land, 1905-1907
Letters Sent to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs Transmitting Applications
      of Indian Allottees for Fee Simple Patents, 1908-1910
Letters Sent Concerning Land, 1907-1914
Letters Sent Concerning Heirships, 1914
Letters Sent Concerning Education, 1907-1908
Miscellaneous Letters Sent, 1878-1880, 1883-1885, 1891-1914
Stubs of Certificates to Accompany Applications for Land Certificates, 1875-1888
Applications for Allotments, 1892-1898
Allotment Schedules, ca. 1901-1915
Indexes to Names of Allottees, ca. 1906
Records Relating to Investigation of Allotments, 1909
Logging Contracts, 1890-1908
Timber Contracts, February 1914
Certificates of Completion of Timber Contracts, ca. 1914-1917
"Pencil Rolls" for Annuity Payments, 1881-1899
Annuity Payment Rolls, 1880-1907
Receipt Rolls for Goods Issued to Indians, 1874-1885
Issue Books, 1881-1895
Applications for Lumber, 1901-1902
Reports of Field Matrons, 1910-1915
Medical Reports, 1895-1896, 1910-1916
Death Certificates, 1903-1907
Police and Court Records, 1902-1907
Police Records, 1908-1914
Rosters of Employees, 1883-1909
Cashbooks, 1875-1878, 1881-1907
Record of Receipts and Disbursements, 1907-1911
School Reports, 1898-1916
Applications for Enrollment in Nonreservation Schools, 1907-1918
School Census Reports, ca. 1914-1918
Reports of Attendance of Indian Pupils in Public Schools, 1914-1918
Questionnaires Concerning Former Students, ca. 1914-1915
Questionnaires Concerning School Facilities, 1914-1915
Miscellaneous School Forms, 1886-1918
Letters Received by the Wild Rice River Boarding School, 1905-1915
Letter Book of Nicodemus B. Hurr, 1909-1910

Records of the White Earth Boarding School
Letters Received, 1914-1918
Letters Sent, 1901-1911, 1914-1916
Letters Sent, February-July 1917
Class Schedules and Study Programs, 1910-1918
Register of Pupils, 1901-1903
Attendance Books, 1912-1918
Roster of Employees, 1908-1917

Records of Special Agent John H. Hinton Correspondence, 1910-1914

Records of Examiners of Inheritance
Correspondence of Examiners of Inheritance, 1915-1921
Heirship Docket Books, 1911-1921
Work Material of Examiners of Inheritance, ca. 1915-1920

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