National Archives at Chicago

Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, (Record Group 75) held in NARA's Great Lakes Region (Chicago)

Tama Agency (Sac and Fox), Tama, Iowa

I. General Records

Press Copies of Letters Sent by the Superintendent, 1896-1914
Letters Sent by Superintendent, 1914-1925
Press Copies of Letters Sent to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1908-1914
Correspondence with Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1899-1926
Miscellaneous Correspondence of the Superintendent, 1907-1930
Miscellaneous Correspondence of Dr. Jacob Breid, 1915-1919
Correspondence with Other Indian Agencies, 1916-1942
Decimal Correspondence Files, 1913-1947

II. Administrative Records

Plans and Blueprints, 1896-1939
Annual Reports and Statistical Records, 1910-1925
Record of Employees, 1895-1923

III. Legal and Legislative Records

Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

IV. Financial Records

Appropriations Ledgers, 1918-1939
Registers of Vouchers, 1919-1934
Individual Indian Check Register, 1918-1934
Registers of Checks Issued, 1917-1939
Financial Records of the Indian Relief and Rehabilitation (IR&R) Program, 1935-1946
Fiscal Records, 1907-1927

V. Records Related to Trust Responsibilities

Index to Allotment Rolls, 1913
Register of Heirship Fees, 1931-1935
Estate Files, 1912-1940
Index Cards to Individual Record Folders, 1911
Individual Indian Files, 1917-1947
Claims Against Indians, 1911-1913

VI. Records Relating to Tribal Resources

Surveys of Indian Industry, 1921-1926
Records of the Fox Cooperative Tractor Co., 1937-1947
Herd Records, 1915-1927

VII. Records Relating to Health and Welfare

Physician's Record of Patients, 1932-1935
Patient Admission Card File, 1914-1928
Records Relating to Works Progress Administration (WPA) Projects, 1938-1942
Patient/Student Files, 1915-1942
General Records of the Indian Relief and Rehabilitation Program, 1935-1941

VIII. Records Relating to Education

Index to Tribal School Children, 1932-1935
Records relating to the Sac and Fox Schools, 1915-1927

IX. Records of the Civilian Conservation Corps-Indian Division (CCC-ID)

General Records
        Outgoing Correspondence Regarding CCC-ID, 1933-1942
        General Correspondence of the CCC-ID, 1933-1942

Administrative Records
        CCC-ID Program Reports, 1934-1942
        Employee Records-CCC-ID, 1933-1942
        Employment Register, 1941

Financial Records
        Registers of Vouchers, CCC-ID, 1933-1940
        Register of Checks Issued, CCC-ID, 1933-1935
        Financial Records of the CCC-ID Unit, 1933-1942

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