National Archives at Chicago

Records of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (RG 255), at NARA's Great Lakes Region (Chicago, IL)

Records of the John H. Glenn Research Center, (formerly the Lewis Research Center), Cleveland, Ohio

I. Records of the Office of the Director

  1. Records of the Office of the Director. 1943-1968. 30.68 cubic feet.

II. Records of the NERVA [Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application] Project

  1. Research and Development Project Case Files. 1961-1972. 80 cubic feet.

  2. Research and Development Laboratory Notebooks. 32 cubic feet.

  3. Project Termination Files. 1971-1972. 9 cubic feet.

  4. Safety and Accident Files. 4 cubic feet.

  5. Program Cost and Scheduling Files. 1967-1972. 17 cubic feet.

III. Records of Lectures, Speeches, Papers, and Other Presentations

  1. Lectures, Speeches, Talks, Broadcast, and Papers. 1944-1959. 12.04 cubic feet.

  2. Speeches, Talks, and Papers. 1960-1966. 12.92 cubic feet. (Formerly two series now combined into one: (1) NASA Lewis Speeches, Talks, and Papers by Lewis Authors, 1960-1962. (2) Speech Files, 1962-1966.)

  3. Lectures, Speeches, and Papers. 1961-1970. 7 cubic feet.

IV. Photographs

  1. Photographs. 1941-1987. 117 cubic feet.

  2. Photographs. 1950-1975. 3 cubic feet.

V. Publications

  1. NASA Periodic Information Series-House Organs: Lewis Research Center-Lewis News. 1942-1995. 3 cubic feet.

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