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Highlights of Requests by Participating NITRD Agencies

The Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) Supplement to the President's Budget

The annual NITRD Supplements present interagency strategic priorities underlying the annual budget request for interagency planning and coordination activities by participating NITRD agencies. Some examples of key interagency research issues that the NITRD has focused on over the last few years are:

  • Effective Stewardship of Science and Engineering Data:
    Issues regarding access to and federation, preservation, curation, data life-cycle stewardship, and analysis of large, heterogeneous collections of scientific data, information, and records; fault-tolerant, scalable I/O

    Participating Agencies: NIH, NSF, NIST, NASA, NOAA, EPA, NARA

  • Multimodal Language Recognition and Translation:
    Improve multilingual language technology performance in areas of speech-to-text transcription, spontaneous two-way communications translation, machine reading, text retrieval, document summarization/distillation, automatic content extraction, speaker and language recognition, multimodal interfaces, usability, language understanding.

    Participating Agencies: NSF, DoD, NIST, DARPA, NASA, NARA, IARPA

  • Information Integration, Accessibility, and Management:
    Advanced technologies, system architectures, and tools for highly optimizable, scalable ingest and processing; high-capacity data integration, management, exploitation, modeling, analysis, and tools; video understanding; ontologies and metadata; efficient data access.

    Participating Agencies: NIH, NSF, DARPA, NIST, NASA, AHRQ, NOAA, EPA, NARA

Supporting Request for Planning and Coordination

  • White Paper on Data, Information and Visualization:
    Collaborative effort to document challenges, opportunities, gaps and the future of data, information, and visualization.

    Participating Agencies: NSF, NIST, NASA, AHRQ, NOAA, EPA, NARA

  • Information Access, Management, and Preservation:
    Collaborations in IWG on Digital Data; scalable repository architectures; data management and decision-support technologies; data grids; data intensive computing.

    Participating Agencies: NSF, NIST, NASA, NARA

  • Visualization:
    Coordination to consider feature extraction for anomaly detection; integration of multiple types of data and records at scale or format; use of visualization as an interface, biomedical imaging.

    Participating Agencies: NIH, NSF, NIST, NASA, NOAA, EPA, NARA, other agencies

Additional Activity for 2010 and 2011

  • Advanced Decision-Support Technologies for Ultra-High-Confidence Processing of Very Large Presidential Electronic Records Collections

    Participating Agencies: NARA, with support from the Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

NITRD Annual Supplements to the President's Budget:

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