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Organization Telephone Number List

  • Toll Free General Information: 1-86-NARA-NARA (1-866-272-6272)
  • Washington, DC Public Events Information: 202-357-5000


Symbol Room Bldg Organization or Title Phone In Charge
N111Archives IARCHIVIST OF THE UNITED STATES202-357-5900David S. Ferriero
4200Archives II    Archives II Office301-837-1600
111Archives I    Chief of Staff202-357-7458Maria Carosa Stanwich
ND4200Archives IIDEPUTY ARCHIVIST OF THE UNITED STATES202-357-5900Debra Steidel Wall
Archives I    Archives I Office202-357-5900
NCON101Archives ICONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS STAFF202-357-5100John O. Hamilton
NGC3110Archives IIOFFICE OF GENERAL COUNSEL301-837-1750Gary M. Stern
3110Archives II    Senior Counsel301-837-2928Chris M. Runkel
3110Archives II    Director of Litigation301-837-3026Gary M. Stern (A)
OIG1300Archives IIOFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL301-837-3018James E. Springs
1300Archives II    Audits301-837-3018James E. Springs
1300Archives II    Investigations301-837-2941Vacant
1300Archives II    Counsel301-837-1966John M. Simms
S106AArchives IOFFICE OF STRATEGY AND COMMUNICATIONS202-357-7464Donna M. Garland
S-A107Archives I    Planning and Support202-357-7467Katherine B. Balanza
SCG-1Archives I    Communications and Marketing Division202-357-5300Vacant
SP4100Archives II    Strategy and Performance Division301-837-3023Donald Malcolm M. Smith
SR106AArchives I    Partnerships Division202-357-7464Donna M. Garland (A)
C4200Archives IIOFFICE OF THE CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER301-837-0643Jay J. Bosanko
CA4100Archives II    Accountability Staff301-837-1490Susan M. Ashtianie
CM2510Archives II    Corporate Records Management Staff301-837-0880Tasha M. Thian
CML2510Archives II        Records Management Laboratory301-837-3080Vacant
CMO2510Archives II        Records Management Operations Team301-837-1942Richard W. Marcus
H1200Archives IIOFFICE OF HUMAN CAPITAL301-837-3710Sean M. Clayton
H-PA1200Archives II    Human Capital Planning and Accountability Staff301-837-0366Deborah A. Dodson
HL3500Archives II    Learning and Development Division301-837-0450Thomas C. Kuhns
HT1200Archives II    Talent Management Division301-837-3113Constance L. Jodon
HTL1200Archives II        Labor/Employee Relations and Benefit Branch301-837-1981Emmalisa S. Hobbs
HTS370St. Louis        Staffing and Classification Branch314-801-2501Fran L. Sandbothe
V3200Archives IIOFFICE OF INNOVATION301-837-2029Pamela S. Wright
VI3200Archives II    Digitization Division301-837-1643Markus K. Most
VIS3200Archives II        Digitization Services Branch301-837-2978Jennifer L. Seitz
VE3200Archives II    Digital Engagement Division301-837-0760Andrew P Wilson
VES3200Archives II        Web and Social Media Branch301-837-0294Dana M Allen-Greil
VEO3200Archives II        Digital Public Access Branch301-837-1593Denise M. Henderson
VH3200Archives II    Innovation Hub301-837-3459Dina Herbert
VS3200Archives II    Business Architecture, Standards, and Authorities Division301-837-1948John C. Martinez
VM3200Archives II    Project Management Division301-837-2029Pamela S. Wright (A)
FL700800 N. Capitol    Legal Affairs and Policy Division202-741-6025Amy P. Bunk
FP700800 N. Capitol    Publications and Services Division202-741-6002John H. Martinez
FS700800 N. Capitol    Information Services and Technology Division202-741-6057Aaron S. Woo
A3600Archives IIAGENCY SERVICES301-837-3064Jay A. Trainer
AC2100Archives II    Office of the Chief Records Officer301-837-3120Paul M. Wester
ACN2200Archives II        National Records Management Program301-837-1539Laurence N. Brewer
ACNC3400Archives II            Permanent Records Capture Section301-837-3109Matt Y. Eidson
ACNR2200Archives II            Records Management Services301-837-1799Margaret R. Hawkins
ACNS3513Laguna Niguel            Systems Integration, Design, Support, and Adoption team949-448-4932Cathy A. Westfeldt
ACP2100Archives II        Policy Analysis and Enforcement Branch301-837-3426Donald R. Rosen
ACPE5320Archives II            Electronic Records Format Section212-401-1631Kevin L. DeVorsey
ACPO5320Archives II            Records Management Oversight Section817-831-5920Cindy C. Smolovik
ACPP2100Archives II            Records Management Policy Section301-837-1744Lisa I. Haralampus
ACTArchives II        Records Management Training ProgramVacant
ACT1Archives II            Training Development and Delivery Team 1Vacant
ACT2Archives II            Training Development and Delivery Team 2Vacant
AF3600Archives II    Federal Records Center Program301-837-3115David M. Weinberg
AFB3600Archives II        Business Development Branch301-837-1929Jefferson K. Lunsford (A)
AFBF3600Archives II            Financial Service Section301-837-1929Jeff K. Lunsford
AFBP3600Archives II            Product and Services Development Section303-604-4762Vacant
AFC3600Archives II        Customer Relationship Management Branch301-837-1546Gordon G. Everett
AFN360St. Louis        National Personnel Records Center314-801-0587Scott A. Levins
AFN-C103Valmeyer            Civilian Personnel Records618-935-3005Kimberly A. Gentile
AFN-CO102Valmeyer                Civilian Operations Branch618-935-3010Patricia S. Resler
AFN-CR107BValmeyer                Civilian Reference Services Branch618-935-3017Tasha M. Wright
AFN-M360St. Louis            Military Personnel Records314-801-0582Kevin M. Pratt
AFN-MC1290St. Louis                Military Reference Core 1Sharon A. Box
AFN-MC2200St. Louis                Military Reference Core 2314-801-0721Joyce A. McKiddy
AFN-MC3260St. Louis                Military Reference Core 3314-801-0658Gregory L. Sampson
AFN-MC4220St. Louis                Military Reference Core 4314-801-0788Ellen L. Davis
AFN-MO160St. Louis                Military Operations Branch314-801-0647Karen L. Mellott
AFN-MR240St. Louis                Military Records Retrieval Branch314-801-9297Glenn R. Bolden
AFO3600Archives II        Operations Branch404-736-2825Leanne M. Townsend-Cerame
AFO-ATEllenwood            Federal Records Centers - Atlanta404-736-2888Robert L. Williams
AFO-BOBoston            Federal Records Centers - Boston781-663-0139Paul J. Palermo
AFO-CHChicago            Federal Records Centers - Chicago773-948-9007Pamela A. Wegner
AFO-DTDayton            Federal Records Centers - Dayton937-425-0661Chloe R. Reed
AFO-DVBroomfield            Federal Records Centers - Denver303-604-4763Samantha M. Wade (A)
AFO-FWFt. Worth            Federal Records Centers - Fort Worth817-551-2003Darin C. Cote
AFO-KCKansas City            Federal Records Centers - Kansas City816-994-1702Theresa L. Mellon
AFO-KRKingsridge            Federal Records Centers - Kingsridge937-425-0601Lloyd D. Mitchell
AFO-LSLee's Summit            Federal Records Centers - Lee's Summit816-268-8149Sean P. Murphy
AFO-LXLenexa            Federal Records Centers - Lenexa913-825-7809Elaine M. Christopher
AFO-PAPhil.(NE)            Federal Records Centers - Philadelphia215-305-2011Aaron T. Swann
AFO-PFPittsfield            Federal Records Centers - PittsfieldVacant
AFO-RSRiverside            Federal Records Centers - Riverside951-956-2015Michael J. Kretch
AFO-SBSan Bruno            Federal Records Centers - San BrunoVacant
AFO-SD123Suitland            Federal Records Centers - Suitland301-778-1511Christopher C. Pinkney
AFO-SESeattle            Federal Records Centers - Seattle206-336-5143Steven J. Ourada
AFOSPittsfield            FRCP Space Management SectionVacant
AISOO100Archives I    Information Security Oversight Office202-357-5250John P. Fitzpatrick
AISOO-C508Archives I        Controlled Unclassified Information Executive Agent202-357-5313Patrick D. Viscuso
AISOO-P100Archives I        Public Interest Declassification Board202-357-5205John P. Fitzpatrick (A)
ANDC6350Archives II    National Declassification Center301-837-0585Sheryl J. Shenberger
AOGIS700800 N. Capitol    Office of Government Information Services202-741-5771Vacant
R3400Archives IIRESEARCH SERVICES301-837-3110William A. Mayer
R-BArchives II    Backlog ReductionVacant
RP3400Archives II    Project and Performance Management301-837-2946Shawn P. Smith
RC3400Archives II    Research Customer Support Division301-837-1659Diane L. Dimkoff
RCTArchives II        Customer TeamsVacant
RCI2500Archives II        Archives Library Information Center301-837-1795Jeffery T. Hartley
RD2600Archives II    Access Coordinator - Washington, DC 301-837-1931Ann A. Cummings
RD-A2600Archives II        Administrative Staff301-837-2929Jimmy S. Rush
RD-F2607Archives II        Special Access/FOIA Staff301-837-3270Martha W. Murphy
RD-I2600Archives II        Electronic Records Accessioning Support Staff301-837-0976Bob K. Spangler
RD-OArchives II        Research Room Operations Archives IIVacant
RD-OSArchives II        Special Media Research Rooms/Researcher RegistrationVacant
RD-OP1000Archives II        Textual Pulls & Refiles301-837-2043Lisha B. Penn
RD-OT2385Archives II        Textual Research Room301-837-1505Dave Miller
RDT2600Archives II        Textual Records Division301-837-1997Chris C. Naylor
RDT1405Archives I            Textual Reference Archives I Branch202-357-5287Trevor K. Plante
RDT1R405Archives I            Archives I Reference Section202-357-5182Juliette J. Arai
RDT1F606Archives I            Archives I Forms Reference Section202-357-5266Dennis M. Edelin
RDT1OG-13Archives I            Archives I Research Rooms Section202-357-5418Vacant
RDT22400Archives II            Textual Reference Archives II Branch301-837-2013Timothy K. Nenninger
RDTP2600Archives II            Textual Processing Branch301-837-3008Vernon R. Smith
RDTPA2600Archives II                Accessioning Section301-837-3084Timothy M. Enas
RDTP22600Archives II                Archives II Processing Section301-837-2099Jodi L. Foor
RDTP1405Archives I                Archives I Processing Section202-357-5330Vacant
RDTPS2600Archives II                Ancestry Projects - Silver SpringVacant
RDE5320Archives II        Electronic Records Division301-837-1824Theodore J. Hull
RDEPArchives II            Processing BranchVacant
RDERArchives II            Reference BranchVacant
RDSArchives II        Special Media Records Division301-837-1911Deborah A. Lelansky (A)
RDS-FArchives II            Motion Picture LabVacant
RDS-AArchives II            Audio/Video LabVacant
RDSC3320Archives II            Cartographic Branch301-837-1911Deborah A. Lelansky
RDSM3360Archives II            Motion Picture Branch301-837-1995Daniel X. Rooney
RDSS5360Archives II            Still Pictures BranchVacant
RE2614Archives II    Access Coordinator - East 301-837-3089Michael T. Moore
RE-AT138Morrow        Archival Operations - Atlanta770-968-2485Robert G. Richards
RE-BOWaltham        Archival Operations - BostonVacant
RE-NY410New York        Archival Operations - New York City212-401-1625Christopher M. Gushman
RE-PAPhiladelphia        Archival Operations - Philadelphia215-606-0101Leslie M. Simon
RL340FSt. Louis    Access Coordinator - St. Louis 314-801-9132Bryan K. McGraw
RL-OCSt. Louis        Online Content DevelopmentVacant
RL-SLSt. Louis        Archival Operations - St. Louis314-801-0909William G. Seibert
RM3400Archives II    Access Coordinator - Midwest 301-837-0525Vacant
RM-CHChicago        Archival Operations - Chicago773-948-9009Douglas A. Bicknese
RM-DVDenver        Archival Operations - Denver303-604-4749Eileen E. Bolger
RM-FWFt. Worth        Archival Operations - Fort Worth817-551-2033Meg H. Hacker
RM-KC213Kansas City        Archival Operations - Kansas City816-268-8017Lori A. Cox-Paul
RWSeattle    Access Coordinator - West 206-336-5142Vacant
RW-RS129Riverside        Archival Operations - Riverside951-956-2040Gwen E. E. Granados
RW-SB014San Francisco        Archival Operations - San Francisco650-238-3478Michelle Bradley
RW-SESeattle        Archival Operations - Seattle206-336-5141Susan H. Karren
RX2800Archives II    Preservation Programs Division301-837-1785Doris A. Hamburg
RXC1901Archives II        Conservation Branch301-837-2906Mary L. Ritzenthaler
RXS310ASt. Louis        St. Louis Preservation Branch314-801-0907Marta G. Oneill
LL8EArchives I    Center for Legislative Archives202-357-5376Richard H. Hunt
LEG-9Archives I    Education and Public Programs Division202-357-7483Maria M. Marable-Bunch
LM104Archives I    Presidential Materials Division202-357-5144John J. Laster
LP2200Archives II    Office of Presidential Libraries301-837-3250Jim B. Gardner
LP-HHHoover        Herbert Hoover Library319-643-6029Thomas F. Schwartz
LP-FDRRoosevelt        Franklin D. Roosevelt Library845-486-7741Paul M Sparrow
LP-HSTTruman        Harry S. Truman LibraryVacant
LP-DDEEisenhower        Dwight D. Eisenhower Library785-263-6739Karl H. Weissenbach
LP-JFKKennedy        John F. Kennedy Library617-514-1651Thomas J. Putnam
LP-LBJJohnson        Lyndon B. Johnson Library512-721-0158Mark K. Updegrove
LP-RNNixon        Richard M. Nixon Library714-983-9121Susan K. Donius (A)
LP-GRFFord Library        Gerald R. Ford Library734-205-0566Elaine K. Didier
LP-GRFMFord Museum        Gerald R. Ford Museum734-205-0566Elaine K. Didier
LP-JCCarter        Jimmy Carter Library404-865-7128David J. Stanhope (A)
LP-RRReagan        Ronald Reagan Library805-577-4061R D. Blackwood
LP-GBBush (41)        George Bush Library979-691-4001Warren L. Finch
LP-WJCClinton        William J. Clinton Library501-244-2884Terri T. Garner
LP-GWBBush (43)        George W. Bush Library214-346-1680Alan C. Lowe
LXG-9Archives I    Exhibits DivisionVacant
I4400Archives IIINFORMATION SERVICES301-837-1583Swarnali Haldar
I-P4400Archives II    Administration, Policy, & Planning Staff301-837-2907Christopher M. Carlin (A)
IS1510Archives II    Strategic Systems Management Division301-837-3167Mary E. Winstead (A)
ISLArchives II        Systems Lifecycle Branch301-837-0634Frank R. Samuels
ISLEArchives II            Enterprise ArchitectureVacant
ISLCArchives II            Systems Development Lifecycle CoordinationVacant
ISS1510Archives II        Systems Development Branch301-837-3167Mary E. Winstead
ISSEB530Archives II            Systems Engineering301-837-0622Dyung V. Le
ISSP2350Archives II            Project Management301-837-0971Thomas J. McAndrew
ISSD4400Archives II            Data Management301-837-3204Doug W. Ward
ISAArchives II        Application Support BranchVacant
IT4400Archives II    IT Security Division301 837-3048Sandra E. Paul-Blanc (A)
IX4400Archives II    Digital Preservation Division301-837-3625Leslie L. Johnston
IXO5320Archives II        Digital Preservation Operations Branch301-837-0410Jim McKan (A)
IXA1510Archives II        Applied Research Branch301-837-0410Jim McKan
IQ4400Archives II    Quality Assurance Division301-837-0610Penny Ha
IQTArchives II        Test Branch301-837-0610Penny Ha
IQCArchives II        Configuration Management BranchVacant
IQSArchives II        Systems Requirement Management BranchVacant
IM4500Archives II    IT Operations Division301-837-3578Michael A McGuire
IMO4300Archives II        Operations and Infrastructure301-837-3269Mike Collins
IMS4300Archives II        IT Support Services Branch301-837-3269Mike Collins (A)
B5100Archives IIBUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES301-837-1973Chuck K. Piercy
B-ACArchives II    Administration, Policy & Planning Staff301-837-3783Vacant
B-AD5107Archives II    Storage Coordination and Logistics Branch301-837-1786Michael J. Hamilton
BQBroomfield    Field Management Support Division303-604-4701Barbara B. Voss
BQAEllenwood        Field Support Office - Atlanta404-736-2851Frederick A. Abrahamian
BQBBoston        Field Support Office - Boston781-663-0140David J. Powers
BQCChicago        Field Support Office - Chicago and Dayton817-551-2002Junior G. Harmon
BQDBroomfield        Field Support Office - Denver303-604-4701Barbara B. Voss
BQFFt. Worth        Field Support Office - Fort Worth817-551-2002Junior G. Harmon
BQKKansas City        Field Support Office - Kansas City816-268-8024Robert A. Newton
BQPPhiladelphia        Field Support Office - Philadelphia215-305-2003David Roland
BQSSan Bruno        Field Support Office - San Bruno and Riverside650-238-3463David M. Piff
BQUSuitland        Field Support Office - Suitland215-305-2003David Roland
BQESeattle        Field Support Office - Seattle650-238-3463David M. Piff
BC5200Archives II    Office of the Chief Financial Officer301-837-2992Micah M. Cheatham
BCA5200Archives II        Accounting Policy and Operations Branch301-837-3150Colleen V. Murphy
BCB5200Archives II        Office of BudgetVacant
BCCArchives II        Contract Oversight Staff301-837-2992Micah M. Cheatham (A)
BCF5108Archives II        Financial Reporting and Analysis Staff301-837-3607Zoya Kaplan
BCT5100Archives II        National Archives Trust Fund Branch301-837-3165Larry S. Post
BCN3340Archives II        Acquisitions Branch301-837-3063La Verne A Fields
BF2320Archives II    Facility and Property Management Division301-837-3019Mark D. Sprouse
BFF2320Archives II        Facilities and Property Branch301-837-3712Donald W. Overfelt
BFS1150Archives II        Space Planning and Projects Branch301-837-3648Ronald C. Noll
BP2350Archives II    Project Assistance Division301-837-0550Alexander C. Turell
BPC2350Archives II        Consultation Branch301-837-0550Alexander C. Turell (A)
BPM2350Archives II        Project Management Branch301-837-0550Alexander C. Turell (A)
BX2300Archives II    Security Management Division301-837-0298Kevin A. McCoy
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