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Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer: Jay J. Bosanko

The Chief Operating Officer’s office provides operational leadership to ensure that NARA’s customer-facing lines of business, whether internal or external, carry out NARA’s overall mission. The Chief Operating Office ensures transparency in communications from operations to external customers, and among staff and managers throughout the agency’s lifecycle, customer, and business services operations. The Chief Operating Officer advises the Archivist and other senior NARA officials on programs, policies, operational strategies, resource needs, and fiscal, technical, and programmatic directions crucial to the effective performance of NARA’s service operations and to improving NARA’s customer-serving operational capacity.

The Chief Operating Officer Office consists of the Performance and Accountability Division and the Corporate Records Management Division.  In addition, the following offices also report to the Chief Operating Officer:  Office of the Federal Register, Agency Services, Research Services, Legislative Archives, Presidential Libraries, and Museum Services, Information Services, and Business Support Services. 

Phone: 301-837-0643

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